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Zoggs are renowned for their quality swim equipment and apparel; in this guide we take a look at the Zoggs Goggle range, to give you a better understanding of what they have to offer in terms of lens technology.

Swimming Goggles can appear to be a fairly universal product at first glance, but there is a broad range within the market, and getting your lens choice right could make a significant difference to achieving your optimum performance and clarity of vision.

Zoggs produce six different lens types, with several different frame and strap variations. The one you choose will be personal depending on the conditions, environment and style of swimming that you participate in. Let's dive in...

Zoggs lens technology explained

Digital image of a Zoggs Reactor Photochromatic lense


Reactor Photochromatic lenses: These lenses react to the level of sun light, they adopt a darker tint when it is bright, and less of a tint when it is low light conditions. Ideal for helping to manage glare and reduce eye fatigue.



Digital image of a Zoggs Ultra Polarized lense


Ultra Polarized lenses:These are the height of polarized technology; their copper tint reflects blue light, making them ideal for especially bright conditions and direct sunshine.



Digital image of a Zoggs Mirrored lense


Mirrored lenses: These reduce glare and reflection, making them ideal for bright conditions, such as swimming outdoors.




Digital image of a Zoggs CV Clearer Vision lense


CV™ Clearer Vision lenses: Great in both high and low light conditions, these amplify the light in low light conditions and reduce the glare in high light level conditions. This means they provide added clarity to your vision.



Digital image of a Zoggs Smoke/Colour Tinted lense


Smoke/Colour tinted lenses: These offer a mid-level of protection from glare and bright light. They could be used indoors or outside, making them a good everyday pair of goggles.



Digital image of a Zoggs Clear lense


Clear lenses: Made for low light conditions, where you need to be able to see the most. They don't have any filtering or darkening, so provide the most accurate representation of the current light conditions.


Choosing the right pair of Zoggs Goggles for you

The choice of lens type that you make will therefore depend on the environment, climate and conditions that you are swimming in.

For indoor swimming, clear lenses or smoke coloured lenses would be ideal. If you are swimming outdoors in bright sunshine, then it is well worth considering Polarized, Mirrored or Photochromatic lenses. For optimum clarity of vision in a multitude of conditions, consider the CV™ Clearer Vision lenses.

Dedicated swimmers may have several pairs of goggles; because matching your goggles to your swimming environment will help you to get the most of your time in the water.