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Over the past few months, we've been chewing and slurping our way through some of our latest, greatest and just downright tastiest, nutrition products.

Out of hundreds of bars, gels, drinks and snacks, here is our list of what you need, now!



The bar

Say hello to your new best friend: the Wiggle Nutrition Energy Bar; a silver-wrapped delicious slice of yumminess that is crammed with oats and fruit. How many other energy bars would beat the Wiggle biscuit tin, when it comes to satisfying the team's 4 pm snack-attack? This bar was created by the Wiggle Team, steered by frequent taste-tests – focussing on creating something that would be useful during both sport and downtime.

The Wiggle Nutrition Energy Bar comes in three flavours (berry, apple or coconut); packing in 45 grams of hunger-busting carbohydrates: carefully measured to help athletes tracking their nutrient quotas; using oats to provide long-lasting energy.

Nutrition Marketing Manager "I recommend that you try the coconut flavour – a little piece of tropical heaven; perfect for an extra mood boost alongside the energy hit."

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wiggle nutrition energy bars




The gel

The best-selling energy gel in the USA; GU Energy Gels with Caffeine are a real treat if you have a sweet tooth. As per their name, these gels contain extra caffeine; giving extra kick when you need it most; in a formula that also boasts amino acids for added focus and a speedy recovery. Available in a range of seven flavours (including Vanilla Bean, Jet Blackberry and Espresso Love); you’ll be able to satisfy cravings for indulgent treats, without derailing your nutrition plan.

Nutrition Marketing Manager: "These have a thicker consistency than most gels and they're quite sweet; but that's to be expected given the dessert-inspired flavours. When else would you be able to take a fantastic Chocolate Peanut Butter concoction on the bike, without making a complete mess?"

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Gu Energy Gels




The drink

"Simple and effective hydration", is what Wiggle customers are saying about HIGH5 Zero tablets. We're inclined to agree, and that's why we've used these tabs for over seven years. It is a great tasting, no-fuss product; and the easy-to-carry tubes make it a great option for cyclists, runners, gym go-ers and travellers. With plenty of flavours available, there's something for everyone. The new Tropical flavour for 2016 puts a holiday-spin on things; adding some va va voom to keep you going.

Nutrition Marketing Manager "We love it so much, we gave it a guide of its own; dedicated to giving you some extra info about what makes this best seller a perennial favourite with both customers and Wiggle staff. Read it here."

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High5 ZERO tabs




The snack

The entire Meridian Nut Butter and Bar range

"LOVE this. I keep finding new ways to enjoy it- dipping carrots or celery into it, spreading in on rice cakes; even using it as a salad dressing!" That's our Own Brand Marketing Manager's verdict on ; someone who's been known to just pop the lid off and dive in at the desk.

Meridian Nut Butters and Bars are chock-full of heart-healthy nuts, fibre and protein; giving you an easy way to avoid the junk, and energise your body with #goodstuff. Meridian pride themselves on creating yummy products that are OK for different dietary requirements: including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free and soya free options. We recommended that you check the nutrition information before you buy, just to check which product is best for you.

While the peanut, cashew and almond butters (smooth and crunchy options available) are perfect at home or for packed lunches; the bars are perfect to stash for on-the-go snacks.

Nutrition Marketing Manager "I'm a huge fan of the  and have used it for yonks! It's SO versatile: good in porridge, between bread, with honey, with jam, with a sprinkle of cinnamon... off a spoon (no messing about when it comes to devouring this stuff!). It's also ridiculously good in savoury dishes; especially dolloped onto chicken. Even omelettes. Seriously, try it!"

The range:




The wild card

A brand new concept in sports nutrition, WHEY20 isn't a gel or a drink – It is more like a yoghurt, in a portable, squeezable sachet. Yet, it's absolutely delicious, and an excellent way to get in extra protein around exercise (watch this video to understand why this is such a fab innovation.

Nutrition Marketing Manager: "I used WHEY20 in place of my usual shake. It was so much easier to pack into my gym bag, rather than my shaker bottle. The lemon was my favourite, as it made a refreshing change to my usual chocolate-flavoured shake. Quick tip - the easiest way to get every little bit out of the tube is to roll it up from the bottom. Just imagine that you're squeezing out the very last bits of toothpaste!"

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SiS work with some of the world's finest athletes; including Sir Chris Hoy and Katarina Johnson-Thompson - creating some of the easiest-on-the-stomach products we've ever tried.