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Science in Sport (SiS) is the official nutrition supplier to Team Sky; in this guide, we delve deeper into why they're the Number 1 choice for the riders!

"With SiS there are no gimmicks, just elite performance products. They have a range of products for pre, during and post rides; to support the riders in training and on race day. This type of dedication to cyclist's need-states helps us to plan world-class nutrition strategies." - Dr. James Morton, Head of Nutrition at Team Sky

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Science in Sport has three core product ranges: SiS GO - comprising of energy powders, isotonic gels, energy bars and hydration tablets; SiS REGO - a wide spectrum of recovery products; and SiS REBUILD - which includes the biggest innovation in protein for years - SiS Whey20. SiS products come in a variety of flavours, which is important! It prevents taste fatigue, and stops the riders getting bored of their much needed nutrition!

This broad range of products allows Team Sky to effectively plan their nutrition strategies, including when and what to consume during training and racing, and with a specific focus on the demands of each stage. For example, if the riders are in for a tough climb towards the end of a race, SiS GO Energy gels may be used before the climb to give them the mental edge. 

Every product that Science in Sport provides, is underpinned by the latest scientific research. This expertise is combined with feedback from elite athletes and nutritionists who work in the field, like Team Sky's Dr James Morton. SiS also sponsors PhD students - to provide the most up to date research surrounding the physiology and endurance nutrition that an athlete needs. This helps SiS to innovate and improve their range of trusted products!

"The philosophy behind Team Sky is 'marginal gains', this is something we have deeply in common with Science in Sport; they are committed to making cycling sports nutrition more effective and more convenient. Trust is also vital in elite sport, and with SiS we have that. We trust the SiS manufacturing process and truly believe it's second to none" - Sir David Brailsford, Team Sky Principle.

Science in Sport's dedication to athletes' marginal gains fuelled the innovation of WHEY20. By recognising the need for protein on-the-go during long rides, when protein isn't readily available from food. SiS developed this unique protein format, to ensure the fast delivery of 20g of quality whey protein. By providing innovative products like SiS Whey20, Team Sky are able to take the team's nutrition to the next level. These small percentages can be the difference between winning and losing.

SiS became the first brand manufacturer to be tested using HFL's triple tested, evolved certification program. This is why World Tour professionals like Team Sky, have confidence that SiS pay attention to detail; in delivering high quality sports nutrition. This approach involves the testing of all raw materials, bi-annual manufacturing facility testing and finished product testing. Unlike some nutrition brands, every product that comes out of the SiS facility is tested under Informed Sport. Even the Science in Sport GO Energy Bars are hand rolled to ensure quality.