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For active women, finding a sports bra with the right level of support should be as important as finding the right pair of shoes, whatever your size, whatever your sport. 

Shock Absorber's research, in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, has shown that an A cup can bounce up to 4cms while a G cup can bounce as much as 14cms during exercise. Since only skin and Cooper's ligaments support breast tissue, any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing them to stretch and nothing can naturally restore them.

In bounce tests, which track three-dimensional movement using infra-red cameras, Shock Absorber bras have been shown to reduce movement of the chest by up to 78%. The tests conducted with the University of Portsmouth also revealed how important it is to tailor support for different activities. For example, when running, breasts bounce in a figure-of-eight motion and this led Shock Absorber to develop their Ultimate Run Bra. Shock Absorber have been voted for, by women, as the best sports bra brand at the Running Awards multiple times. 

As well as being engineered to limit irreversible damage to breast ligaments, Shock Absorber bras have been designed to keep you dry and comfortable no matter how hard you work out. Moisture-wicking, breathable, high-performance fabrics and soft, no-rub hook-and-eye fastenings ensure that your sports bra will be the last thing on your mind.Wide straps and a soft underband minimise pressure.

To help you decide which Shock Absorber bra might be right for you we asked three Wiggle staff members to try them out for running, weight training, yoga and cycling

Shock Absorber Active Shaped Padded Support

Marketing Manager Lucy has been wearing the Shock Absorber Active Shaped Padded Support: I have never worn Shock Absorber before so was interested to see how their Shock Absorber Active Shaped Padded Support would perform for me in the gym. I am a regular gym-goer with weight training being my chosen sport, so it’s really important for me that I feel supported and comfortable when training.

I have now worn the bra a number of times in the gym and I absolutely love it. It’s really comfortable and allows me to move easily when lifting. I don’t do a lot of jumping or moving about when I train, so it’s hard for me to comment on how it reduces bounce rate, but in terms of giving me confidence in my sport, it definitely does the job.

Design-wise, I often go for something more neutral, but the splash of orange was a nice change and added a pop of colour to my outfits!

I would definitely recommend this bra as a reliable piece of gym kit, but would suggest to go one size up in back size as it came in a little tighter than I would have liked.

Shock Absorber Fly Bra

Markiting Executive Alice has been wearing the Shock Absorber Fly Bra: I’ve been running in the Shock Absorber Fly Bra for a few weeks now and have been really impressed with it so far! It’s very supportive (even for longer runs) thanks to the double strap that holds everything in place while still being comfortable.

I would advise to take a size up from your normal bra size as it runs a tiny bit smaller than normal so it’s always a bit hard for me to put it on. However once on it looks great (I really like the new colour!) and there is no sweat or dampness that appears on the underneath of the bra, even after doing very intensive interval training!  

Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Sports Bra

Marketing Manager Sarah Pain has been wearing the Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Sports Bra: I’ve always liked Shock Absorber as a brand but had never actually tried any of their range, so leapt at the opportunity to test their new Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Sports Bra. First off, the great print and colour stood out – this definitely isn’t a faded old sports bra that needs to be hidden away! It’s bold and bright and looks great; and the fit is equally as good. The neckline and cut is very feminine and actually makes you feel good wearing it. The zip is a great feature and makes putting it on and taking it off a doddle – no longer wrestling with complicated straps and buckles behind your back after a workout! There is a fold of fabric underneath the zip and also an added hook, so there is no chance of the zip rubbing or – worse case scenario – pulling apart.

I’ve worn this bra for both yoga and cycling, and it’s been the right level of support of those activities. The best accolade that I can give it is that whether in a yoga class or on my bike, I genuinely didn’t think about it. It’s incredibly comfortable and allow great freedom of movement whilst being supportive. No rubbing, no discomfort, not too hot or restrictive, just a great looking sports bra that does what it needs to do! 

Which bra will you choose?

If you're still wondering which Shock Absorber bra to choose, don't worry. They've created a handy guide to cover most activities. Just look for the icon that matches your sport!

Shock Absorber Fly Bra

Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

Shock Absorber Classic D+ Sports Bra

Shock Absorber Active Shaped Support

Shock Absorber Crop Top Bra

Shock Absorber Classic Sports Bra


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