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At the time of year when the days are darker and the evenings even longer, being seen is even more of a concern for cyclists on the road. Traditional hi-viz cycle clothing has traditionally been known to be slightly too garish for some…which is why the updated dhb FLT collection is a refreshing option this season. It not only looks and feels great, it also makes you feel safe. 

What is FLT?

dhb Flashlight Technology (FLT) is all about considered placement of high-quality reflectives in the areas you need them most. Using knowledge gained from producing the Flashlight commuter collection, dhb is now incorporating these industry-leading technologies into their performance road cycling collections. With subtle but effective reflective details in the places that you need them, this is kit designed to ensure you’ll be seen out on the road.

dhb Classic FLT

New for this season, dhb have now added FLT into some of their hugely popular Classic collection, including the the dhb Classic FLT Thermal Softshell, and the dhb Classic FLT Thermal Bib Tight. The dhb Classic FLT range also features high quality Italian fabrics, synonymous with cycling built for comfort and made to last. Their biggest feature of course, is the reflex fabric used for maximum reflectivity - or retroreflectivity, to be precise.

Retroreflectivity means that light rays are returned in the direction they came from. Since little light is therefore scattered when it is returned, retroreflectivity materials enhance the contrast of the wearer, making them stand out more when light lands on them. In short, it's more visible - which is exactly what you need when headlights hit you.

dhb Classic FLT Designer, Steph told us: 'The panels of reflective fabric on the Classic FLT Softshell and Tight are specifically placed so that the wearer is visible 360* for maximum safety when cycling at night.

Studies have shown that placing reflective panels on moving body parts (calf, leg panel) provides much greater visibility than on static body parts so the leggings were designed with this in mind.' 

As with all dhb leg wear, Classic FLT shorts and tights feature an Elastic Interface chamois: Thermo-molded for maximum comfort, this will keep you comfy on a regular commute, or on a weekend adventure. 

Being as visible as possible on the road is just as important on a misty training ride, as your early morning commute to the office. With the addition of FLT on so many pieces dhb kit this season, it’s much more fit for purpose.

What did Merchandising Assistant and keen cyclist Tristan Thorn think when he tested some of the Classic FLT range?

'I have had several pairs of the previous dhb Classic Thermal Bib Tights and thought they couldn't get any better. The addition of the reflective panelling, which is thoughtfully placed on the moving parts of the body, is perfect. I usually wear Classic FLT on my early morning commutes into the office and I’ve found it is the brightest and most reflective material I've ever worn.'

dhb designer Rebecca also added

'I use my Classic FLT Tights for everything from my daily commutes to evening cycles – it makes me feel safer and seen and the reflective is very subtle and stylish, not gaudy. The reflective panels are very responsive to light, making them very suitable for city riding. My tights bring a new meaning to “high-vis”.'

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