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Vitus range 2020

Just like their bikes, the Vitus range covers a lot of ground. From classy entry level bikes all the way up to the advanced speed machines dripping with modern tech, the choice of models can be a little dazzling. 

So, to help you navigate through the specs and tech, we've gathered their 2020 range into a rough order, broken down into the type of rider for which each model is best suited. We've picked a few highlights from each bike and provided links so you can compare those that take your fancy.   

A brief history of Vitus

Vitus started life building bike frames in France in the 1970s and has since grown into a world-wide bike brand. Today, its ambitions continue to surge with the Vitus Pro Cycling Team powered by Brother UK now a competitive presence in UCI Continental Cycling, with their bikes proving themselves among the pros. 

Starter bikes

If you're right at the beginning of your cycling journey, you're probably thinking of an entry level bike with good fundamentals. It's worth ensuring the bike you go for comes from a quality manufacturer and has reputable components, or you might risk making your ride so unenjoyable that you fail to stick with it. You don't need to stress about aerodynamics or ceramic parts, but you should ensure you get good tyres, a double butted frame for reliability, and enough gears for reasonable climbs. 

Vitus Razor Road Bike (Claris - 2020)

A hugely popular sub £500 road bike, the Vitus Razor frequently sells out as it offers pretty spectacular value. The Shimano Claris 2x8 gearset is a descent start for beginner riders while the sturdy double butted frame and carbon fork make for a comfortable ride. Vee Road Runner tyres do the business in terms of grip while the finishing kit and white on black styling give it a sleek look beyond its surprising price. 

Vitus Razor Road Bike

Sportive and racing

If you want to be competitive, ride with a club, enter sportives, and get a feel for the true riding experience, then it's time to step up to Vitus' race worthy bikes such as the Zenium and Venon. For this level of road bike, you'll want a much higher grade of groupset with a wider range of gears, some quality wheels and tyres, and a suite of excellent components for a comfortable and competitive ride. 

Vitus Zenium CR Road Bike (105 - 2020)

Vitus Zenium CR Road Bike

The Zenium is a carbon road bike is equipped with Shimano's beloved 105 R7000 2x11-speed drivetrain, making it ideal for sportives, criteriums, and training rides. It's light, agile, and comes with Vitus KT custom wheels and Vee Road Runner tyres. There's also the internal cable routing frame and a full Vitus finishing kit as a considerable cherry on this already very tempting cake. If you want to push your competitive edge, the Zenium is a great place to start. Other versions of the Zenium come with Shimano Tiagra, Ultegra Di2 (on the Zenium CRI), and the CRW which comes with Shimano 105. 

Gravel / Adventure / Cyclocross

Vitus' gravel and adventure bikes combine the brand's long experience in topflight road racing with their mountain biking nous, creating fun and much loved all-terrain bikes that you can take anywhere. 

Vitus Energie CR Cyclocross Bike (Rival - 2020)

Vitus Energie CR Cyclocross Bike

Built to handle the rigours of cyclocross, the Energie is perfectly comfortable with rough and tumble and poised under pressure. Its High-Modulus T700 HM-UD full carbon frame make for spider-like climbing abilities while it's available with a range of drivetrain set-ups, including SRAM Rival 1 (Vitus Energie CR and VR) and SRAM Force AXS eTap on the Vitus Energie CRX

Vitus Substance SRS-1 Adventure Road Bike (2020)

Vitus Substance SRS-1 Adventure Road Bike (2020)

The Substance is an all-terrain tank of a bike. This model (the SRS-1) is built from a muscular CrMo frame balanced by responsive carbon forks for shock absorption and control. The SRS-1 version (pictured) comes with SRAM's Apex groupset and tubeless ready WTB Venture tyres with a wider outer diameter for claw-like grip in the turns and climbs. Other drivetrain set-ups include SRAM Rival 1X11 (Substance CRX, which also sports a full carbon frame), and Shimano's gravel-focused GRX 2X11 groupset (Substance CRS-2).

Time Trial and triathlon

Vitus' racing pedigree has led to the creation of the Vitus Auro, giving their team the advantage in time trials.  

Vitus Auro TEAM eTap TT Bike (Force - 2020)

Vitus Auro TEAM eTap TT Bike (Force - 2020)

The Auro TEAM eTap TT Bike is, as it can be plainly seen, a speed-hungry weapon for every budding time trial specialist. The full-carbon construction is powered by SRAM's Force AXS eTap 2X12 drivetrain with direct mount aero-caliper brakes for laser-like control and hyper efficient calorie-to-km/h conversion. From the Continental Ultrasport II tyres, to the Prime Black Edition Carbon rims, to the Vitus Auro Carbon seatpost, everything about this bike is focused on drag reduction, weight saving, and outright speed. There is also the Auro CRS TT Bike, which uses Shimano's Ultegra 2X11 drivetrain with Tektro Direct Mount brakes.



It's time to go racing. Vitus' success in competition has been injected into the DNA of their competition-worthy road bikes, giving you the chance to enjoy the power and precision of a high-end race bike no matter how or where you ride. 

Vitus Vitesse EVO TEAM eTap Road Bike (Force - 2020)

Vitus Vitesse EVO TEAM eTap Road Bike (Force - 2020)

The Vitesse EVO line is engineered for racing success, balancing aerodynamic-efficiency, control, and stability. All the advantages of elite level bikes are featured in the Vitesse EVO TEAM bike pictured, from the internal routing full carbon frame, thru-axles, wireless gear changing with SRAM Force 2X12, flat mount braking discs, and much more. There are a variety of Vitesse EVO incarnations, including the EVO CR kitted out in Shimano's 105 and Schwalbe Pro ONE tyres, the Vitesse EVO CRS with Ultegra, the EVO CRS Di2 featuring Shimano's elite component suite, and the spectacular EVO CRX eTap featuring a dazzling custom paint job with SRAM's top-of-the-line Red eTap AXS set-up.

Vitus ZX1 Team Road Bike (Force eTap - 2020)

Vitus ZX1 Team Road Bike (Force eTap - 2020)

The ZX1 is Vitus' podium pick, taking speed, aerodynamics and efficiency to new levels. It's full carbon build can be found under the pro riders of Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK, and the model above comes fully fashioned with the same component spec found on their competition bikes. The ZX1's elite model is the CRX eTap, featuring SRAM's sensational Red AXS eTap drivetrain. There is also the ZX1 CR with Shimano's 105, the CRS with Ultegra, and the CRS Di2 with Shimano's elite wireless controls. 

Commuter and city bikes

Looks like we're all going to be commuting by bike a lot more than we expected, but Vitus has a number of surprisingly priced models that can help make your journey to and from work the best part of your day. 

Vitus Vee 29 City Bike (SS - 2020)

Vitus Vee 29 City Bike (SS - 2020)

A utility bike with big wheels and a stylish look, the Vitus Vee 29 SS is the ideal urban bike for cruising around town and making your way to work. Its aluminium frame and powerful v-brakes ensure dependability and responsiveness for your city travels. 

Vitus Dee 29 VR City Bike (Nexus - 2020)

Vitus Dee 29 VR City Bike (Nexus - 2020)

An awesome city spinner, the Dee features just three gears to keep things super simple for minimal maintenance. Its tough aluminium frame and Shimano brakes are non-nonsense and effective, making this a fun, care-free bike that's perfect for pushing the city's limits.  

Vitus Six Single Speed Bike (2020)

Vitus Six Single Speed Bike (2020)

The Vitus Six Single Speed Bike is a fixed gear single speed bike that's ideal for velodrome racing, urban fixed gear crit events, or weaving your way through the urban jungle on your way to work. Engineered from quality aluminium and equipped with superb components, it will get you up to speed without hesitation.

Vitus Mach E Urban eBike (Alivio - 2020)

Vitus Mach E Urban eBike (Alivio - 2020)

The Mach-E is Vitus' powerful urban e-bike, powered by the Shimano STEPS E61000 system. The large capacity E8010 MTB battery delivers an impressive 504 Wh, giving you up to 100km of range on a single charge. The motor is complemented by Shimano STEPS FC-E6100 drivetrain, while a full Vitus finishing kit makes this bike look just as good as it feels to ride. 

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