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image of Salomon speedcross 3 shoe

Speedcross is Salomon’s iconic trail shoe. The range has made its name by being versatile, comfortable, well made and good looking. We’ve now got to the third incarnation of the Speedcross and the range is better than ever.


What makes the Speedcross shoes so good?

They’re versatile

The word “multi-purpose” was practically invented for the Speedcross range. The shoes are lightweight so they can be used for training, racing, hiking or even walking around town.

The soles feature deep lugs in different directions, giving you excellent traction whether you’re going uphill, downhill or if you’re on the flat. They’re also quite flexible which keeps them responsive on uneven terrain.

Rubber around the base of the shoes will protect you from rocks and sharp objects. Plus the heels aren’t too wide which means that even if you’re on rugged ground, you’ve got complete control over where your foot lands.

Speedcross 3 sole

There are variations of the Speedcross 3 that come with extra wet weather protection from ClimaShield or Gore-Tex technologies. See, we said that these shoes were useful!

Considering how much use you can get from them, Salomon’s Speedcross 3 shoes offer exceptional value for money.

They’re comfortable

The inside of Speedcross 3 shoes is soft, thanks to the generous cushioning around the heels, ankles, sides of the tongue and the tongues themselves. It’s worth noting the heel cushioning; it will save your heels when you’re heading downhill!

The uppers have flat stitching so that there isn’t any risk of chafing. Then the Sensifit™ technology means that any Speedcross 3 will wrap your foot like a slipper. Oh and they’ve also got Salomon’s easy one-pull, slip-on lacing system - QuickLace™. Plus the little pocket for you to tuck away any excess lace.

Simply put, they ooze Salomon’s usual sky-high level of quality.

They look great

You can get the Speedcross 3 in good ol’ black or there are a myriad of bright colours, vying for attention on the trails. Or you can get the best of all worlds with the versions that are black with colourful accents.

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