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    Women swimming wearing Orca wetsuit
    05 May 2015
    How should a wetsuit feel? A lot of people dread swimming in open water, yet it can be the most incredible, enlivening experience! There's the fizz of the bubbles when you jump in, the rush of water off your back as you exit... Experiencing the benefits is about confidence, both in your ability and your kit. This starts with a good wetsuit...
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    How to put on a wetsuit guide
    23 Apr 2015 / Naveed Nasir
    The great thing about wetsuits is that they feel like a second skin and this is precisely why they are so effective in the water. In this Wiggle guide, triathlete Paul Newsome offers his top tips for putting on and taking off your wetsuit. Having a sound technique is key to making sure you don't damage your wetsuit especially when you have to...