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It is easy to neglect hydration during the winter months, because the assumption is that lower temperatures equals lower perspiration rates. However, most of you will have experienced high sweat loss during an indoor TurboTraining session and this leads to dehydration and ultimately impaired performance/recovery.

TORQ Hypotonic contains a small quantity of carbohydrate, which - although insufficient for fuelling longer efforts - when combined with 5 key electrolytes, boosts the hydration process significantly. The technical term for this is ‘Facilitated Transport’. Torq call it Performance Hydration.

To help you to maximise your indoor training sessions, TORQ have produced this turbo training plan.

Session Summary Sheet

Warm-up & Cool-down

30 Minute Anaerobic Power

45 Minute Anaerobic Strength

60 Minute Sweet Spot



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