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    Wiggle's complete gym nutrition guide
    15 Feb 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    When should I take protein? What does creatine do? What on earth are BCAAs? Why are people in my gym using magnesium supplements? All these questions answered and many more in our guide to gym nutrition...
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    Runner at a lakeside readying to take on some hill-running challenges
    12 Feb 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    Welcome to the third part of our Wiggle Marathon Training Guide. In this article, we find out how to improve running style, efficiency and technique by taking to the hills and adding power...
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    Fuel your marathon training
    22 Jan 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Emma Barraclough, Product Development Manager at For Goodness Shakes , explains how having a well-planned approach to your nutrition will help to give you the confidence that you can tackle the marathon. The winter to spring period is a great time to really build up your marathon training if you are targeting a spring or early summer marathon. The...
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    Caffeine - A fuel for your workout
    22 Jan 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Gluten-free, vegan, paleo, raw, The Primal Pantry Protein Bars are the perfect work-out fuel. Here, they explain why their Double-Espresso bar will give you the edge in your next training session. Using caffeine as a fuel for your workout is becoming ever popular among athletes and fitness novices alike. Depending on your size, gender and the kind...
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    13 Jul 2016
    In this guide, nutrition experts from PowerBar look at the best ways to hydrate, energize and recover from a triathlon. Good nutrition for the tri-sports event is fundamental, and this is a great insight… Why should you use sports nutrition? Triathletes are tough, and must be ready to give everything. A long distance triathlon is arguably...
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    How to recover right - How much protein do you need to recover?
    12 Jul 2016
    In this guide, nutrition experts from PowerBar talk us through the different kinds of protein, and why it is important to have a mixture of protein, at the correct times, in order to aid recovery. --- How much protein do you need after training, and what kind? It is clear that type, amount and timing of protein intake, can have an impact on muscle...
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    Product spotlight: High5 ZERO Hydration Tabs
    12 May 2016
    High5 Sports Nutrition's ZERO tablets are one of our top selling nutrition products. These simple electrolyte tabs can be added to water; to produce a refreshing and hydrating drink; which will replace vital salts as well as fluids. In this 'product spotlight' guide, we learn more about them...
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    image of maxinutrition sponsored athlete at weight bench
    08 Jun 2015
    MaxiNutrition is the UK and Europe’s No.1 sports nutrition company. Led by science, MaxiNutrition’s range is developed from proven ingredients designed to ensure their products work as hard as you do, better enabling you to reach your training potential.
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    A group of Etixx sponsored cyclists riding
    21 May 2015
    Etixx Sports Nutrition is #goodstuff Etixx Sports Nutrition is new to Wiggle and the UK. They’re the brand behind the recently renamed Etixx - Quick-Step (formerly Omega Pharma – Quick-Step), home of cycling-heavyweights Mark Cavendish and Tony Martin. But believe it or not, the main attraction to Etixx isn’t their pro cycling...
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    image of High5 athlete drinking
    13 May 2015
    Good sports nutrition could take your riding, running and swimming to a whole new level. In this guide we look at the High5 Nutrition range, and how their products can address the nutritional demands of your body during sport.