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    2019’s best marathon and long distance running shoes
    23 Jan 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    Whether you run marathons, epic endurance trails or you’re just fond of scoring big miles when you can, a pair of the latest long distance running shoes can make a big difference to your experience on the road or trail. Recent advances insole technology, ventilation, and materials, have led to the creation of long-distance running trainers...
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    Marathon training part 4
    01 Jan 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    Welcome to part four of our extended series on marathon training. In part four we’ll be helping you break through the wall, giving you the tools to run long miles in preparation for the 26.2 miler.
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    Preserving your running shoes
    24 Jul 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    Knowing how to tell when your running shoes are worn out and need replaced is vital to prevent injury and get the most out of your training. But as each runner has their own wear pattern, runs on different surfaces at different speeds and at different weights, there’s no easy answer for exactly when it’s time to make the change. Most...