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    Two runners testing out long distance run shoes
    24 May 2021 / Damien Whinnery
    Whether you run marathons, epic endurance trails or you’re just fond of scoring big miles when you can, a pair of the latest long distance running shoes can make a big difference to your experience on the road or trail. Recent advances insole technology, ventilation, and materials, have led to the creation of long-distance running trainers...
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    Marathon Training Guide - Part 4: Running long miles
    07 May 2021 / Damien Whinnery
    Welcome to part four of our extended series on marathon training. We’ll be helping you break through the wall, giving you the tools to run long distances in preparation for the 26.2 miler.
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    Run reflectives
    20 Oct 2020 / Damien Whinnery
    Reflective running gear is a must for your autumn and winter runs, whether in a city or rural road. But with so many styles and brands of reflective jackets, tops, tights, and accessories, which should you go for?
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    Running watch buying guide
    05 Aug 2020 / Damien Whinnery
    Running watches and fitness trackers have become sophisticated training aids and a vital part of any ambitious fitness regime. Which one is right for you?
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    Outstanding high-viz for winter running
    10 Oct 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    Possessing the dedication to run throughout winter isn’t everything - you also need the right kit, and that means some high-visibility clothing.
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    Beginner's run training guide
    01 Mar 2019
    John Skevington is an experienced UKA level 3 endurance running coach, and an endurance running mentor for England Athletics. In this guide he provides a comprehensive training model for those looking to get into running... Are you a budding Olympic athlete? Well who knows, but this might be the time to find out! This guide is for those of you who...
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    Fuel your marathon training
    01 Nov 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Emma Barraclough, Product Development Manager at For Goodness Shakes , explains how having a well-planned approach to your nutrition will help to give you the confidence that you can tackle the marathon. The winter to spring period is a great time to really build up your marathon training if you are targeting a spring or early summer marathon. The...
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    How to beat the bounce this winter
    19 Oct 2018
    For a woman, a sports bra is as important as a good pair of trainers. It’s a vital partner for your performance. Why? Because when you exercise, your breasts bounce and can move up to 14cm, whatever their size! Any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on ligaments causing them to stretch and create irreparable damage. Shock...
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    Trail Running for beginners
    22 Aug 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Check out our guide from Sam Lutman-Pauc on trail running for beginners and get some great tips to begin your outdoor adventures.