• Buying guides
    woman wearing speedo swimwear outfit exiting pool
    13 May 2015
    The Speedo brand is an iconic name in swimwear; from goggles to shorts, they produce a wide range of high quality products. In this guide we look at their range of fabric technologies: Endurance+, Sculpture and Watershorts. The Speedo name is closely tied to success and innovation. Sponsoring athletes such as the iconic Michael Phelps (and his 22...
  • Training guides
    image of swimmer underwater wearing speedo goggles
    13 May 2015
    About Speedo Speedo is one of the world’s most famous swim brands. It is renowned for being a voice of authority for swimmer’s looking to improve their performance and overall experience. There’s a reason that Speedo has such credibility within the swim world: it sponsors Michael Phelps (winner of 8 gold medals at the 2008...