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For runners, dynamic stretching can be a valuable way of minimising the risk of injury before heading out.

Dynamic stretching techniques are also a great way to warm up, getting oxygen-rich blood to your muscles for the challenge ahead.

For some expert advice on useful stretches, we joined fitness Instagram favourites Soul Sisters Fitness at their Adidas Studio in London where they showed us some of their favourite dynamic stretches for pre-run preparation, along with a classic post-run static stretch.

Dynamic Reverse Lunge

In their first video, the Soul Sisters will take you through a dynamic reverse lunge stretch, which will loosen up the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, protecting these important muscle groups from injury. 

Dynamic Hip-Opening Stretch

This dynamic hip-opening stretch is great for overall flexibility and is especially useful for those tackling variable terrain, such as a trail or hill runs. 

Quad and Hamstring Stretch

This classic static stretch is a post-run classic, but many runners continue to find it useful for getting rid of any excessive tightness in the quads. 

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