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woman wearing speedo swimwear outfit exiting pool

The Speedo brand is an iconic name in swimwear; from goggles to shorts, they produce a wide range of high quality products. In this guide we look at their range of fabric technologies: Endurance+, Sculpture and Watershorts.

The Speedo name is closely tied to success and innovation. Sponsoring athletes such as the iconic Michael Phelps (and his 22 Olympic medals), this is a brand that knows what swimmers want and need, in order to deliver maximum performance and comfort in the water.

In this guide we look at their range of fabric technologies:

  • Endurance+
  • Sculpture
  • Watershorts

Although they each offer very different functionalities, they are all made to the same high quality. Plus they are all designed to help you to excel in your performance.

So what is each fabric for and what does it do?

Endurance+ fabric -  for racing and training

Pool shot of swimmers diving in

The Endurance+ fabric is used in Speedo’s racing and training ranges, including the Jammer shorts and Medallist swimsuits.

These suits are designed for dedicated swimmers, who train and compete several times a week.

The Endurance+ fabric features:

  • 100% Chlorine resistance - for continue good use even with extensive wear
  • Fast drying times - to avoid water absorption and additional weight
  • Specifically designed weaves that hold their shape even with many months of use
  • 20 times more fade resistance than conventional swimwear
  • An increased resistance to snags and tears

This is a fabric which is designed to look great and perform superbly, even when it is used time and time again on a regular basis.

Watershorts fabric -  for casual swimwear

male model shot

The Speedo Watershorts fabric is used in their more casual swimwear shorts ranges. They are designed to look great in and out of the water. They’re perfect for that relaxed holiday feeling.

The Watershorts fabric features:

  • A great looking contoured fit and cut
  • Fast drying times to avoid irritation
  • Chlorine resistance to stop them fading and wearing thin
  • Draining pockets to avoid water-filled baggy shorts

Sculpture Swimsuit fabric - for comfortable support

The Speedo Sculpture range is a female specific range using the unique Sculpture fabric. Speedo analysed 5,400 women’s body shapes before they came up with the Speedo Sculpture range. The end result was a range that provides outstanding levels of comfort and fit, so that you feel relaxed and happy with your body shape when you go to the pool.

woman in speedo swimwear in pool facing up to ceiling

Speedo Sculpture fabric features:

  • Tummy Control to flatter your mid-section
  • Visual Shaping using colour, print and texture to draw the eye to the most flattering parts of your body
  • Control Bust Support for a great supportive fit and a natural shaping effect
  • XTRA LIFE LYCRA for the stretch and close fit of LYCRA, but with added chlorine resistance and support