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About Speedo

Speedo is one of the world’s most famous swim brands. It is renowned for being a voice of authority for swimmer’s looking to improve their performance and overall experience.speedo-logo

There’s a reason that Speedo has such credibility within the swim world: it sponsors Michael Phelps (winner of 8 gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games), Liam Tancock (world record holder in the 50m backstroke, plus five-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist), plus many others. But this doesn’t mean that Speedo is just for super-fast swimmers! In fact, it just means that they’re well placed to offer you free tips from elite swim coaches – everyone started somewhere. Yes, even Michael Phelps!


Speedo Swim training hints & tips

Here we take a look at the three most common areas where swimmers can make fast changes and even faster gains: the pull, overall speed and the kick. We’ve also included three Speedo products that will make it possible for you to quickly increase your performance.

Improve your pull technique

You’d be forgiven for thinking that swimming is 50% about the legs and 50% about the arms. Not so! In fact, 80% of work in front crawl should come from the arms, shoulders and back. This means that if you want a strong swim, then you need to really work on getting the motion right.

Speedo’s Biofuse Finger Paddles will help you by exaggerating small inefficiencies in your upper body technique: their shape encourages a high elbow which ensures that your body rotates through the water smoothly and efficiently.

The Biofuse Finger Paddles also increase the surface area of your catch, creating more resistance and giving your upper body a more effective workout.

Develop your speed

Your legs are one of your biggest muscle groups. When you want to propel yourself through the water at speed, they are your powerhouse.

Speedo’s Biofuse Training Fins increase your kick power by increasing the surface area of your kick, making you move forwards faster than usual. This gets you used to the higher kick rate and helps to build endurance in your legs.

They’re also great at building underwater swim confidence as they remove the fear of running out of breath; the extra leg power means that can cover more ground before needing to surface for air.

Increase leg power

Your legs don’t just need to be quick - they also need to be strong. It’s a good idea to isolate your leg muscles during training so that you work them hard and stimulate them to grow stronger.

The Speedo Elite Kickboard enables you to focus on your kick, whilst keeping your arms afloat. Keeping your arms ahead of you also requires you to engage your abdominal muscles. This builds core strength which is crucial for all sports: the core is involved in almost every movement of the human body, stabilising and strengthening all of our physical actions.

Furthermore, kickboards make it easier for you to perfect your breathing technique: keep your face in the water, comfortable with the knowledge that the buoyancy of the kickboard will enable you to easily lift your head when you need to catch a breath.

Training guide summary

These are just three products from Speedo’s extensive range of training aids. They’re not the most “techy” or expensive products, but they work. Once you’ve mastered the pull, kick speed and the kick, you can take it up a level with other aids such as the Aquacoach Watch. But get a strong grasp of the basics first – you can’t build a castle without solid foundations!