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dhb’s Aeron bib shorts are a very familiar sight out on the road. They’ve long been one of our best-sellers, and a solid choice for a whole range of cyclists. 2019 saw dhb launch an updated version. So what’s changed to make these best-sellers even better? Senior Product Manager at dhb, Rich Land, explained it to us…

Customer first



We started, as always, with customer feedback. The Aeron bib shorts are a great short, but we were conscious that the latest version was launched back in 2016. Technology moves on quickly, and for such a popular product, we had to make sure it was still meeting our customers’ needs. As a team, we often talk about how we take the ‘kaizen’ approach- finding the smaller details that can really make the big differences. It’s something we absolutely believe in, and something we’ve seen some great success with implementing.  We took the time to review each component part, digested what our customers were telling us they liked or didn’t, and looked for better options where we decided there was room for improvement.

It’s in the details

We’ve updated the leg grippers for a softer feel, but increased grip. This ensures the shorts remain as versatile as they’ve always been. They’re great to ride anything from your local commute to your epic weekend ride, with the added bonus of a refined fit. We’re confident these shorts will stay put whatever your route.

New chamois

The biggest change is in the pad we’ve chosen to use. Elastic Interface is the industry leader and has always been a key partner for us since the beginning of dhb. We use their pads in everything from our entry-level shorts, all the way up to Aeron Lab. They are real experts, and the technology they squeeze into something that looks so simple is really incredible. We’ve been working more closely with them to find innovative solutions for new product, and this an important brief for them. How can we make our Aeron bib shorts even more comfortable? After extensive consultation with them, we had options. Next was to test them. For this, we recruited not only members of the dhb team, but also a wide range of ambassadors and UCI Continental team, Canyon Eisberg (now Canyon dhb). Feedback was clear, and we chose the Elastic Interface Paris HP pad.

The new pad offers a smooth top surface to avoid any unwelcome ‘pinching’ and enhanced support over the sit bones. As you move around the bike, it offers ample protection, whether you’re riding on the hoods or the drops. We’ve tested it all!  

The new Aeron short is an evolution from where we’ve been and we’re excited to see all the adventures they’ll be taken on this year. If you had to buy one short to do it all, then the Aeron Bib short is the one.