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Why are running shorts important?

Running shorts are an essential part of your run clothing wardrobe.  They are specifically designed to provide you with comfort, support and practicality when you run.

Wiggle's wide range of running shorts are made from lightweight, wicking and breathable materials. They have a non-restrictive feel and move with your body when you run. Many run shorts also provide excellent internal support in the form of an inner brief. This removes the need to wear underwear which at times can contribute to chafing.

Running shorts can also be picked by their length, this is usually down to personal preference and the distance you are planning on running.

Short length

Shorts with a lower length provide the best airflow and ease of movement when you run. These shorts are very lightweight, non-restrictive and highly technical in their construction. They are usually preferred by runners who run longer distances.


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Long length

For shorter running distances a longer short is often the preferred choice.  What you do want to avoid is a material that will retain heat or moisture and disrupt your comfort. When you start racking up those miles you may want to progress to a slightly shorter model to increase your comfort and limit the possibility of discomfort.


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Compression shorts

Lycra shorts are often chosen for their compression technology or if you prefer a “pull on and forget about it” approach to your short, some people find even the swishing of a split short irritating on those quiet runs. Lycra shorts are more favoured by female runners.

Another way of doing this is by choosing a split short, this style features a split on the side of each leg to open up movement, these are often favoured by marathon or endurance runners because of their weight.

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The last thing to look for is a pocket, true running shorts usually have one zip up or Velcro pocket to keep your keys and a bit of food in but other than that they should be pocket free, you want to avoid carrying that heavy smartphone and wallet in your shorts as they will swing around and make you uncomfortable.


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Top tips to consider before you buy

  • Is the material light and breathable?
  • How long are the shorts?
  • Do the shorts have a liner?
  • Does the shorts have pockets, if so how many and where?