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Run through winter with ASICS

A lot of runners take a break over the winter months, citing cold and wet conditions for their hiatus. Before you hang up your tights and pack away your running shoes, we think that it’s worth reminding you about the benefits to sticking to your running plan.

First, there’s the obvious loss of fitness and the risk of injury when spring arrives. You know, that moment where you heroically open the front door and launch into a sprint before collapsing into a heap at the end of the road… 

Then there are those weekends where you’ve been holed up inside and you’re basically climbing the walls, desperate to feel the wind on your face. Oh for the love of fresh air!

Before you dive for your duvet, already shivering at the thought, there are several things that you can do to make winter running as comfortable and pleasurable. We’ve teamed up with ASICS to offer you a few ideas to stay comfortable and cheery when running in through the winter. There are many more ways to increase your comfort and these are just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully you’ll find them useful!

Learn about layers

Layers are essential for your Winter Runs, as you warm up removing layers is key to ensuring your body temperature is maintained. Start with your base layer of wind stopper tights and bright tee. Next you want a mid-layer that will keep you warm on top of your base but is also lightweight we suggest the ASICS long sleeve ½ zip top or ASICS Long sleeve Hoody as most likely you will keep this layer on for the duration of your run.

Run through winter with ASICS

In everyday winter weather, you may only wear 2 layers but make sure to reserve for those extra cold days don’t forget your outer or shell layer protecting you from wind & rain. ASICS have a hybrid jacket that blocks the wind to keep you warm and has a back slit for optimal ventilation. For the male runner why not try the lightweight ASICS Elite Jacket with 360° waterproof protection to keep you dry and warm up to temperatures to -20°c and its reflective too.

Embrace waterproof kit

Everyone knows that having wet and cold trainers is the worst part of winter running. Why not consider a pair of waterproof trainers designed with those winter runs in mind? ASICS GT1000 GTX shoes have a built in GORE-TEX® upper, designed to keep the rain out and keep your feet warm as well as providing stability & support helping you navigate your way along that slippery terrain. So as those cold days draw in remember to consider your winter footwear too.

Run through winter with ASICS

Get good socks

ASICS Running Winter Sock isthe perfect companion to your Asics GT-1000 4 GTX Shoes (AW15). Making your stride warmer the thermal wool keeps the temperature just right between your foot & shoe. High-density cushioning under the foot within the sock makes for softer landings on your soles and NaoGlide yarn in the toe & heel can possibly eliminate the risk of blisters.

Run through winter with ASICS

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