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    polar watches buying guide
    17 Nov 2016
    We've teamed up with Polar to help you work out which product will give you the information you need to get the best from your training!
  • Training guides
    Ask ASICS: Do you need to change your run training approach in the summer?
    06 Jun 2016
    We've teamed up with ASICS to give you some quick solutions to runners' most typical summer frustrations.
  • How to guides
    Seven steps to avoiding race ruining stomach problems
    21 Apr 2016
    In this guide, nutritional experts from PowerBar tell us how to avoid stomach problems during races. GI (gastrointestinal) problems are common for marathon runners, long distance cyclists and triathletes; but there are ways to reduce GI, or elimitate it, with the correct nutrition approach. We find out more...
  • How to guides
    Simple kinesiology tape applications for running and cycling
    08 Apr 2016
    Learn how to carry out simple kinesiology tape applications for running and cycling injuries
  • Training guides
    Salomon: How to run like an elite
    18 Dec 2015
    Salomon athlete Killian Jornet provides some excellent advice in this training guide. If you're slightly daunted by running your first ultra-marathon event, then read this guide and be inspired.
  • How to guides
    image of runner flexing their foot
    18 Jun 2015
    Wiggle's Sara Bailey demonstrates how a simple wet foot test can tell you a great deal about your foot type. By learning more about whether you have flat or high arches, you shall be better equipped when deciding what running shoe is best suited for your foot,
  • How to guides
    A large group of people beginning a parkrun
    15 May 2015
    What is parkrun? parkrun is a community event that offers free, weekly, timed runs that are open to all ages and all abilities. These runs take place on every weekend – come rain or shine, summer or winter. parkrun offers 5KM runs for everyone on Saturdays and 2 KM runs for juniors on Sundays. It is completely free parkrun isn’t about...
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    image of two runners
    15 May 2015
    What are base layers? A run base layer is a close fitting garment that feels almost like a second skin. It’s designed to wick moisture away from your body. It does this by absorbing moisture (sweat) from your skin when you’re running. By wicking sweat away from the body, the base layer is keeping you dry and chill free. Base layers...
  • Training guides
    image of advanced level runners on a group run
    05 May 2015
    John Skevington is an experienced UKA level 3 performance endurance running coach. He is an endurance running coach mentor for the England Athletics area coach development programme, as well as being the national delivery manager for the new Athlefit project which was his own brainchild. In this guide he provides a comprehensive training plan for...
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    Image of 2XU sponsored athletes modelling compression clothing
    29 Apr 2015
    2XU compression clothing is the height of performance apparel; it can increase the efficiency of your warm ups, increase your performance during exercise, and reduce recovery times. In this guide we consider their range. Who are 2XU? 2XU engineers are a dedicated and scientific team; who create, test and manufacture the height of performance...