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    Do you need to change your run training approach in the summer?
    23 May 2019
    We've teamed up with ASICS to give you some quick solutions to runners' most typical frustrations.
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    Runners in compression clothing in the park
    18 Mar 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    Whether you're searching for the best compression running tights, leggings, or shorts, top compression brands like Skins, or other options to help aid your performance and recovery, our compression buying guide will ensure you take advantage of the best in modern sportswear technology.
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    Marathon Training Guide: Week 1
    01 Mar 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    Whether you’re running in Boston or London, Paris or Rome, Sydney or Stockholm, Wiggle's exciting new series on the 26.2 mile test of endurance is here to help you fulfil your dream of running a marathon this year.
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    Beginner's run training guide
    01 Mar 2019
    John Skevington is an experienced UKA level 3 endurance running coach, and an endurance running mentor for England Athletics. In this guide he provides a comprehensive training model for those looking to get into running... Are you a budding Olympic athlete? Well who knows, but this might be the time to find out! This guide is for those of you who...
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    2019’s best marathon and long distance running shoes
    23 Jan 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    Whether you run marathons, epic endurance trails or you’re just fond of scoring big miles when you can, a pair of the latest long distance running shoes can make a big difference to your experience on the road or trail. Recent advances insole technology, ventilation, and materials, have led to the creation of long-distance running trainers...
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    16 ways to make your marathon the best day ever
    14 Jan 2019 / Nassrin Chamanian
    So, you've signed up for a marathon? Congratulations. Cross the finish line and you'll be joining the elite 1% of the population who have completed a marathon. But just crossing the finish line isn't enough, is it? Whether it's your first marathon or you're a veteran, how will you make your next marathon the best day ever? We...
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    Marathon training part 4
    01 Jan 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    Welcome to part four of our extended series on marathon training. In part four we’ll be helping you break through the wall, giving you the tools to run long miles in preparation for the 26.2 miler.
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    Advanced run training guide
    20 Dec 2018
    John Skevington is an experienced UKA level 3 performance endurance running coach. He is an endurance running coach mentor for the England Athletics area coach development programme, as well as being the national delivery manager for the new Athlefit project which was his own brainchild. In this guide he provides a comprehensive training plan for...
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    Wiggle Marathon Training Guide 2018
    02 Dec 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    It’s a tried, tested, and trusted training technique that reduces injury, boosts energy levels, and sets you up to peak on race day. It sounds easy, but tapering is no fun for runners...
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    Wiggle Marathon Training Guide 2018
    01 Dec 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    In this second part of the Wiggle Marathon Guide 2019, we’re going to look at base miles and how they can help your fitness and technical development.