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image of Pro-Lite wheels

Words by Mike Barrett

I've been riding for a number of years and have only one very good TT bike, I race only in triathlons and train using my race bike (soon to change as I’m building a training bike for the winter). To date, I've only used the wheels which the bike came on, Mavics worth around £60 each.

First impressions

I've always wanted a pair of deep section carbon wheels for two reasons. Firstly, for me, I think they look great and when I know I look good and not like a complete novice, I actually work and ride harder to disperse thoughts and looks of "all the gear and no idea". Secondly, my desire for these wheels are to know if they will actually make me ride faster. On my route home 60km Cosham to Goring By Sea, I'm averaging around 34kmph, so when asked would I like to try the Pro-Lite Gavia C50T's, I very much wanted to put my theories to the test.

Lightweight! Anyone who is making the transition to a set of carbon wheels from their standard wheel set, will no doubt think… "wow, how light these wheels are! How have I ridden in the past". If, like me, you've never even put carbon wheels on your bike, then you need to get yourself a pair! They make your bike go from light to super light.

First ride: the Pro-Lite Gavia C50T's came with tubs, which again, having never ridden anything other than a standard pair of wheels came as a slight challenge on my first ride, the feel is different, you are greeted with a harder and slightly wobbly and unconfident first ride. I have to negotiate the downhill approach into Arundel and on that first ride at around 55kph I was very nervous. But this soon passes with each ride as you grow in confidence and speed!

Speed and time

My speed has gone up over the 2 months and on several rides I hit a new average speed of 37.7kph.  Equally important to me is the look and as you can see from the photographs, they make the bike look top class.

Ride, the ride for me got better and better, at the start I was a little nervous getting down on my aero bars, when the wind hits you from the side you know it, but with time this passes and confidence builds. I'm off to Florida for Ironman 70.3 in April 2015 and am looking forward to really riding the Pro-Lite Gavia C50T to their limit.

Punctured! I received a puncture on one of the rides home, however carrying a small can of Geax pit stop tyre sealant kit soon sorted that out and I was up and riding in no time.

With a price tag coming in under £1000 the Pro-Lite Gavia C50T carbon wheels are well worth it, a professional and very lightweight wheel with proven results.

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