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Make the most of your time in the pool. Perfecting your stroke technique will enable you to swim further and faster. Zoggs have teamed up with ex-Olympian James Goddard to show us how.


Get this right and you'll be working your abdominals, triceps, pectorals, shoulders and quadriceps. Butterfly burns around 750 calories per hour so it's worth mastering this physically demanding stroke by building your rhythm and positioning your body correctly.​


Freestyle, also known as Front Crawl, is great for triceps and lat muscles and can burn around 600 calories an hour. It's all about staying streamline to glide through the water.


Backstroke works your shoulders, lats and chest muscles. Perfect your breathing technique to match your stroke.


Work your pecs, lats, glutes and quads muscles with breast stroke. Get body positioning and hand entry right for maximum efficiently.


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