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Nutrition tips

MaxiNutrition is the UK and Europe’s No.1 sports nutrition company. Led by science, MaxiNutrition’s  range is developed from proven ingredients designed to ensure their products work as hard as you do, better enabling you to reach your training potential.

40% of the human body is made up of protein and it is the building block of hair, nails, bones and skin. It aids with the retention and growth of muscle tissues, making it essential for active individuals.

Depending on your goal and activity level, the amount of protein your body requires can vary from 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight (g/kgBM) to 2 g/kgBM

Protein is important in the growth and development of muscle tissue, so kick start the process by consuming 20-40g in the period following exercise.

  • Consume 1-2g of protein per kg of body mass per day, depending on your goal.
  • Aim for 20-40g of protein every 3 hours.
  • Vary your protein sources throughout the day.

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During sleep protein consumed during the day is used, but by the time you wake up, your body is starved of amino acids. Start the day with a balanced breakfast like poached eggs on wholemeal muffins and a glass of orange juice.


Exercise can increase your body’s need for protein for up to 72 hours. Protein bars are a convenient way to consume protein when at work.


Combine lean protein like chicken or tuna with wholemeal wraps and add salad. Healthy, easy to prepare at home and cheaper then shop alternatives.


Eating healthy snacks in the afternoon can be problematic. Keep a bag of plain nuts like almonds at your desk along with fruit, and consider MaxiNutrition Protein Milk 8 x 330ml to supply your protein requirements.


For dinner split your plate into 3 sections, one for protein like fish or steak, one for wholemeal pasta or rice and fill the other with vegetables of your choice.

Before Bed

Consuming casein, (a protein found in food such as milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese) before bed is ideal due to the slow-release protein it contains.

As the UK’s No.1 expert recommended brand, MaxiNutrition has been providing first-class sports nutrition to leading professional athletes and teams such as the Brownlee brothers, the England Rugby Team and British Triathlon for over twenty years. All this experience in sports nutrition means MaxiNutrition truly understands how athletes’ bodies work and how nutrition can make an important difference towards achieving your training goals.  

Find out more about the how the MaxiNutrition range can support your training goals below.

Endurance Performance

Maxinutrition fuel max imageThe MaxiNutrition Endurance Performance range contains everything the competitive or aspiring endurance athlete could need, to keep themselves performing at their very best. We have developed a comprehensive range of: bars, gels and powders, to help maintain energy levels throughout the race and recovery products to help you get back to the track more quickly. The Fuelmax Plus range has the added benefit of containing caffeine, to help you focus on the next stage.

This Range is ideal for you if:

  • Performance is a important factor in your sport
  • You want to support to maintain energy levels throughout training and competition
  • You are looking for carbohydrate rich drinks and shakes to enhance performance and recovery.

Sustain + Rebuild

Mxinutrition promax range imageThe MaxiNutrition Sustain + Rebuild range is formulated to help you retain and build muscle. Your goal may be focused on rebuilding muscle but your individual need will vary. Irrespective of how hard you are exercising, your level of activity and the number of times you train a week, MaxiNutrition have the products to help you.

Products that sustain and rebuild your muscles are key in all forms of training. They become especially important with endurance sports, as they allow you to get back to training on the bike or track more quickly. Products in this range will help your muscles rebuild more efficiently and improve your muscular endurance, meaning you can push on, even when fatigued.

This Range is ideal for you if:

  • Maintaining muscle is important to you
  • You want to develop muscle tissue
  • You require extra protein in your diet
  • You are looking for convenient nutritional support you can rely on

Strength + Power

MaxiNutrition Cyclone Range imageThe MaxiNutrition Strength + Power range contains creatine, added to help increase your explosive power and strength during short bursts of high intensity exercise. Rather than consuming a variety of different products, this range provides you with all the required ingredients to support and enhance your strength and power training.

Developing strength and power is key for cycling and endurance sports. High strength in cycling allows you to push on the pedals, even in the moments of greatest resistance, such as: hill climbs, head winds and cross winds. Power will help you overcome those short steep climbs explosively or in just making that final push for the finish.

This Range is ideal for you if:

  • Performance is a important factor in your sport
  • You want to improve your strength & power for sport or in the gym
  • You are looking for those added ingredients - Creatine, HMB, glutamine
  • You are looking for all-in-one formulas

Lean Definition

MaxiNutrition lean range imageThe MaxiNutrition Lean Definition range is designed to help you achieve a more lean and defined physique. The products have been formulated to provide you with a high protein load, whilst limiting the number of excess calories, helping provide you with the nutritional support to achieve that lean and defined look.

Cycling nutrition has to feed lean, toned muscles to perform for long distance and high-duration exercise, and protein is a key part of better cycling nutrition. The body of a cyclist is one of lean muscle. It’s toned, powerful and functional. Less than 10% body fat is the norm, perfected through 6-8 hours aerobic and anaerobic daily exercise, and fed by better cycling nutrition. Products in this range have the added benefit of containing caffeine and other active ingredients, helping you remain focused and in the zone.

This Range is ideal for you if:

  • You are looking for a defined physique
  • Toning up is important to you
  • You are consuming excess calories during the day due to bad eating habits
  • You are looking for convenient nutritional support you can rely on
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