• Cycle nutrition
    How To Interval Train Like A Pro With HIGH5
    22 Oct 2018
    Andy Cook is a qualified British Cycling coach who has dedicated his life to the sport of cycling and helping others. Andy has held senior positions at the UCI , British Cycling and the CTC (now known as Cycling UK ). In this guide Andy takes you through interval training routines to ensure that you can give it your all this year. High5 also...
  • Cycle nutrition
    Realise your potential - SiS Winter Nutrition Guide
    09 Oct 2018
    Winter is a time of "secret training", when you can unlock your potential to be a superb athlete come the brighter and warmer months of summer. As they say, "Winter Miles, Summer Smiles". Your cold weather training will only pay dividends with the correct nutrition strategy though... You are what you eat The cold months of...
  • Cycle nutrition
    High5 nutrition guide for sportive riding
    21 Aug 2018
    Riding a s portive is a fantastic way to explore new areas with other enthusiastic riders knowing that you are 100% supported by event staff. How do you know what you should eat and drink on a sportive though? Check out HIGH5 's guide to staying fueled so you can make the most of the ride. Breakfast An ideal pre-race breakfast is light and...
  • How to guides
    Recovery tips to stay strong through the summer
    23 Jul 2018
    By the time we get to July and August you are likely to have racked up a lot of mileage and you may have done your main focus event for the year.
  • Buying guides
    Fuel serious endurance with SiS: ultra running or long sportive
    23 Jul 2018
    Completing an ultra endurance event is an immense physical and mental challenge. This can involve exercising for 5-6 hours or more, with many of the larger events going beyond 24 hours, often through the night and in extreme temperatures.
  • Run nutrition
    Running Nutrition Guide by Science in Sport
    18 Jul 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Nutrition plays a key role in supporting all areas of running, including weekly mileage, races, recovery and training adaptations. Matching the correct nutritional intake to the individual requirements of these situations can result in optimal performance. The main goals of performance nutrition are: To provide fuel for the work required in...
  • Buying guides
    Wiggle’s complete guide to sports Nutrition
    05 Jun 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    Wiggle's guide to sports nutrition provides a comprehensive overview of sport supplements, what they're for, how they work, and how you should take them.