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    How to accelerate return to sport following injury
    24 May 2019 / Randall Cooper
    Most of us are used to working to deadlines, and for those of us who work in sports medicine, we get them all the time too. Getting back to sport as soon as possible following injury is often the highest priority for athletes of all levels. So, when there’s a short time frame, what can you do to speed up recovery? Here are 6 tips to help you...
  • Triathlon nutrition
    The PowerBar Triathlon nutrition guide
    30 Apr 2019
    A targeted sports nutrition strategy helps you reach your full potential during a triathlon. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy but there are a few factors to bear in mind that can help all of us. We asked PowerBar Expert Corinne Reinhard for her top sports nutrition tips. Don't experiment with nutrition on the day of your...
  • Buying guides
    HIGH5 Nutrition Guide
    01 Apr 2019
    Helping you achieve your goals We at HIGH5 are committed to creating nutritious products with amazing natural flavours and we’re passionate about helping you achieve your goals – however big or small. Our aim is to deliver sports nutrition which helps you to enjoy your sport more. With over 20 years of experience, we ensure our...
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    Why protein is important for endurance athletes
    26 Mar 2019
    The functions of proteins Our muscles contain hundreds of proteins that all perform a variety of functions that are essential to everyday life and of course, exercise performance. For example, the contractile proteins are responsible for making our muscles produce force, the structural proteins provide structure to our muscles and the enzymatic...
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    How to maximise your cross-functional training with Reflex Nutrition
    19 Mar 2019 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Made with cross-functional trainers, for cross-functional fitness. Reflex Nutrition’s X-Functional Training range is perfect to support your training. Cross-functional training works your body is a number of different ways, all at once. It puts pressure on the cardiovascular and muscular system in terms of both power and endurance, whilst...
  • How to guides
    How to maximise your winter training in five easy steps
    06 Feb 2019 / Nassrin Chamanian
    There’s no denying it – winter is a challenging season for training. The cold, the wet, the dark mornings and evenings are just some of the downsides to training in winter. Yet, it’s non-negotiable with half marathons, marathons and cycling events on the horizon. While training in winter isn’t always the most pleasurable,...
  • How to guides
    Male cyclist biting into a gel
    01 Feb 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    The biggest challenge endurance athletes like triathletes, cyclists, and runners face is maximising their energy levels but, oddly, it is one of the least understood aspects of these sports.
  • Run nutrition
    How to fuel your best 10K ever with SiS
    29 Jan 2019 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Whether you are looking to run a new PB or complete your first 10K, getting your nutrition right around training and racing could be the key to success. Science in Sport has put together this practical guide to fuel you through to the finish line. Training The duration, intensity and goals of each training run will impact daily and session...
  • Gym nutrition
    Wiggle's complete gym nutrition guide
    01 Jan 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    When should I take protein? What does creatine do? What on earth are BCAAs? Why are people in my gym using magnesium supplements? All these questions answered and many more in our guide to gym nutrition...
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    Hydrate happy for your best performance with HIGH5 Zero
    22 Oct 2018
    HIGH5 ZERO is one of Wiggle's top selling products. Here's why. What is HIGH5 ZERO ? HIGH5 ZERO tabs are a compact, easy-to-carry way to create a great-tasting, low-calorie electrolyte drink. As well as 5 different electrolytes, they also contain added vitamin C. Simply drop one tablet into 750ml of plain water and enjoy! The tabs don...