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A cyclist from a race team which is sposored by Mulebar in action

MuleBar would not have started without a passion to make the best energy products from the best natural ingredients. All of us at MuleBar love eating real food and we believe all our products shine with that passion. Give your body the edge. We believe the closer an ingredient is to it’s natural state the easier your body will process it.

Why choose our products?

Natural Tasty Energy

MuleBars are a great source of natural tasty energy, just try one. We know that sounds silly but a lot of energy bars taste and feel like cardboard. We work hard to offer something unique & tasty to eat. MuleBar products give you energy, naturally. We can't say it clearer than that - our products are made with ingredients you recognise so you know what you're eating.

Split image of an open Chocolate Orange Mule and a Mango and Cashew Mulebar

Performance: real food used by athletes

We use real food ingredients tested used by World Champions such as UK Downhill star Manon Carpenter and Enduro World Champion Jerome Clementz as well as our own Mule adventureres. Don't let the packaging fool you - all products are fine-tuned to help your body perform at a high level.



Split image of Manon Carpenter wearing a winners medal in between two runners up, and a black and white photo of Jerome Clementz


The future, the environment

All of our MuleBar energy bars are wrapped in our unique compostable wrapper. We use Fairtrade ingredients in our energy bars & ReFuel protein bars. Organic ingredients accredited by the Soil Association are used in our MuleBar energy bars and Kicks energy gels.


MuleBar Performance Guide

Mulebar performance guide to help with nutrition

MuleBar energy bars

Mixed box of Mulebar energy bars

When... 1 bar 30-60 minutes before event or training AND 1-2 bars/hour during Why... Carbohydrate before and during exercise increases energy availability and supports your immune system, with protein preserving lean muscle.

Fact... A mix of sugars like the glucose and fructose found in MuleBar ensures increased energy absorption and improved endurance. Added to this the mix of high, medium and low GI ingredients provide gradual energy release.

Tip... Tapering your training or trying carbohydrate loading? Try using a MuleBar as your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack in the 36-48 hrs before your event. The idea is to super saturate your muscles energy stores and improve your endurance!


Kicks energy gels

A box of Salted Caramel Mulebar Gels

When... 1 gel up to 45 mins before the start, 1-2 gels per hour during training or racing and 1 gel after

Why... A Kicks gel will raise your blood sugar levels and keep your muscles fed. 1-2 gels per hour provide you with carbohydrates to support depleted muscle stores and re-energise your performance

Fact... Sodium, potassium and chloride are essential for electrolyte balance and magnesium and calcium are required for muscle function. The Himalayan crystal salts in Kicks gels provide a full spectrum of trace minerals and electrolytes

Tip... Water is the most important sports aid available. Just a 2% reduction in hydration can impair performance. We recommend you take our gels with a small amount of water.


ReFuel protein bars

Mixed box of Mulebar ReFuel protein bars

When... Consume 1 ReFuel recovery bar within the first 20-60 minutes after exercise.

Why... Immediately after training your cells are most receptive to nutrients. The branch chain amino acids (BCAA) in whey protein are associated with improved muscle recovery and prevention of muscle wasting, whilst high GI sugars have been shown to be excellent for replenishing muscle energy stores in the 24hrs post exercise.

Fact... Most high protein recovery bars taste chalky. Not ours. The ingredients have been chosen to give you the taste of a chocolate bar but the natural goodness of real foods. Tip... The more you exercise the greater your protein requirements. Average endurance athletes require between 1.2 and 1.7g of protein per kg of their body weight per day. Use this bar as a snack when you can’t get to a proper meal and protect your body’s protein reserves.

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