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Have your kids experienced the buzz of cycling?

We all love to ride our bikes, and experience the thrill of being on two wheels. If you have kids, why not share your love of cycling and get them involved too!

Kids love bikes; it's as simple as that. A bicycle and a child's imagination lead to adventure, fun and boundless energy. Cycling fuels their imagination and allows them to roam, discover and appreciate the environment around them.

Bikes are also an important social tool for kids; no childhood memory could be complete without looking back on how you rode around with your friends and experienced the local landscape on your bike.

We have created this guide to help you choose the best kids bike for your child. We'll explain how kids bikes are sized; we'll also talk about safety, and how the bikes are designed to offer the safest platform possible for learning.

What size bike do you need for your child?

Unlike adult bikes, where frame size is determined by seat tube length, kids' bikes are instead sized on wheel diameter.

The below guide, which features on our kids bikes pages, should let you know what size wheels you are looking for.

kids bike size guide

Suitable for 2-4 years of age: Balance bikes (12 inch wheels)

Learn more about balance bikes and 12 inch kids' bikes

Wiggle has a range of 12 inch wheel kids' bikes. These bikes, which include balance bikes (bikes without pedals), provide a great platform for your child to learn on.

A balance bike is propelled and stopped by your child's feet, rather than a drivetrain (with pedals and chain). Riding a balance bike will teach your child the core fundamentals of balance, coordination and steering control.

Balance bikes can also help your child skip the stabiliser stage of learning to ride a bike; riding with stabiliser wheels doesn't require your child to actively balance.

The Vitus Nippy Superlight Balance Bike is an ideal option if you're looking to teach your child how to ride on a balance bike.

Suitable for 3-5 years of age: 14 inch wheel bikes

Learn more about 14 inch wheel kids' bikes

This age category sees your child transitioning from a balance 'play' bike to a bike with 14 inch wheels, pedals, brakes and a single speed drivetrain.

One of the key design factors for this age range is ensuring that the bike is both durable and lightweight; it needs to withstand the exuberance of 3-5-year-olds!

To cater to the smaller grip younger riders have, we have custom designed our own handlebars, these bars allow us to fit smaller 19mm grips. We now have shorter reach brake levers too, which results in more control and confidence.

These bikes all come with flat pedals, to ensure that your child is well supported.

Take the step to pedals with the Vitus 14 Kids Bike

Suitable for 4-6 years of age: 16 inch wheel bikes

Learn more about 16 inch wheel kids' bikes

As the child grows, so does the bike! We have a great range of kids' bikes with 16 inch wheels - the next step in the evolution!

Much like 14 inch wheeled bikes, one of the key design factors for these bikes is that they are both durable and lightweight; 4-6-year-olds can push out some power!

16-inch wheel bikes usually have aluminium or steel frames, v-brakes, and a single speed drivetrain. Some higher-end models may feature disc brakes, to provide additional stopping power.

These bikes are designed with a low standover height. This means that in the event of a crash or a dismount, there is less chance of your child being tangled up in the bike.

Chain retention devices are often fitted to 16 inch wheeled kids' mountain bikes, so to minimise the chance of dropping the chain off the chainring, when your child inevitably explores off-road!

The Vitus 16 Kids Bike is a great option for your 4-6-year-old.

Suitable for 5-8 years of age: 20 inch wheel bikes

Learn more about 20 inch wheel kids' bikes

20 inch wheel kids' bikes signify a coming of age for your child; they are now taking their first tentative steps into the world of serious bikes!

In effect, most of the bikes in this category are 'junior mountain bikes' - 20-inch wheel mountain bikes are ideal for all-terrain adventures; they are robust, lightweight, and have a wide range of gears, to ensure your child is riding comfortably and safely at all times.

Braking on these bikes comes from V-brakes or disc brakes; with the latter providing more stopping power, but being more costly. Flat pedals are fitted to all these kids' bikes, and the ones on 20-inch child bikes have a larger profile, to accommodate larger feet!

Get more adventure out of your rides with the Vitus 20 Kids Bike.

New model: 20+ inch wheel bikes built for adventure

Learn more about 20+ kids' bikes

A new model for 2019, Vitus believe they have created the perfect balance in a junior trail bike. The 2.6 Plus size tyres allow the Vitus 20+ Kids Bike  to have increased traction, a super cool aggressive look, and an element of tyre suspension.

The plus size tyres are Vitus' answer to wanting to bridge the gap to suspension fork bikes, but without adding the extra weight that forks bring. Shimano Altus 7spd 1X drivetrain, with mechanical disc brakes, and an aluminium fork makes this a super versatile bike.

Suitable for 7-11 years of age: 24 inch wheel bikes


Learn more about 24 inch wheel kids' bikes

24 inch wheel kids' bikes offer all the benefits of full-sized bikes in terms of frame design, transmission and braking. The only difference between them and adult sized bikes, is that the frame geometry has been optimized around a 24 inch wheel.

Within the 24 inch wheel category, we also see the addition of kids' road bikes. These bikes have drop handlebars, like an adult road bike; but they have shorter cranks and a lower reach on the brake hoods, to make them more comfortable and controllable for shorter limbs.

24 inch wheel mountain bikes will often feature front suspension; to facilitate greater exploration! They will have more gears, too; so that your child can handle steeper inclines and descents.

Get more performance out of your rides with the Vitus 24 Kids Bike.​