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Riding in winter can be tricky. It’s cold, it’s often wet and windy so finding the motivation to get yourself out the door can be tough

Having said that, winter is a time for some great riding to be had.

The change in temperature brings a change in scenery, leaves turn golden and line the roads, cold mornings coat landscapes in frost, coffee stops become more frequent and cake more sacred. It’s a time of the year the guys at dhb love, and for good reason, but how do you keep yourself warm? We caught up with Assistant Brand Manager, Tara to help us answer the question a lot of customers have been asking…

What do you wear in winter?

Well, there’s no real definitive answer - everyone feels the cold differently and that’s ok! To help our customers, we’ve created 4 different winter outfit solutions built for riding all-day in different conditions.

Aeron Equinox 

Ideal for temps between 6-16°C. 

Equinox is a collection of clothing from dhb that helps riders to dress correctly in those transitional spring and autumn periods. For us at dhb, these transitional periods offer some of the best cycling of the year. It can be challenging to choose the right kit when temperatures and conditions are changeable or unpredictable. Equinox is the answer. With versatile layering options, fabric technologies built to regulate temperature and construction techniques focused on the demands of cyclists, Equinox makes it easy to keep riding comfortably.

The collection consists of base layers, long sleeve jerseys, a gilet powered by Polartec®, tights and a softshell, as well as short sleeve options for cooler summer days. This is the most versatile collection we’ve created, we really wanted to give customers the choice of being able to layer their outfit to suit the changeable weather outside.

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Aeron All Winter

Ideal for temps between 2-12°C.

Built to withstand the average temperatures winter tends to throw at the UK (2-7°C), Aeron All Winter is for all-day winter riding. The collection features the Aeron Bib Tight which continues to be a best seller for us year-on-year. Designed with three things in mind, performance, durability and most importantly, comfort. 

Coupled with the tights is the Aeron All Winter Softshell which has also designed with comfort in mind. Warm and water-resistant, the softshell uses three technical fabrics and a slim construction to keep you protected without the bulk of a winter jacket. Also new to the collection is the Aeron Winter Base Layer, which uses a double-knit fabric to give you the perfect balance of warmth and ventilation to save you from overheating if you decide to pick up the pace. 

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Aeron Deep Winter 

Ideal for temps between -2 - 5°C.

Still riding when temperatures hit sub-zero? Or tend to feel the cold more than others? Enter Aeron Deep Winter. This is our warmest, most protective collection and it's built for extreme winter conditions. Using insulating, weather-proof fabrics throughout, this kit will minimise windchill, help to keep you dry and allow you to perform at your best.

The Aeron Deep Winter Softshell jacket may look slim, but under the skin there is plenty to keep a rider warm. Alongside the wind and water-resistant membrane of the All Winter, the Deep Winter softshell uses a fleece-like back to offer even more insulation. Despite the cosier material, the softshell maintains much of the breathability of the other softshells. 

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Aeron Rain Defence

Ideal for temps between 8 - 14°C.

Rain Defence is dhb's answer to foul weather rides, for when you have no idea which way the weather will turn, developed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Driven by the latest fabric technology from Polartec® and Schoeller® for unrivalled weather resistance, without compromising on breathability. So if you're looking to push the pace in wet and foul weather conditions, Aeron Rain Defence is made for just that. Relaunching last year, the dhb design and development team spent two years in research and testing to completely re-engineer how Rain Defence is made, taking account of the real need for protection from the rain, road spray, and other foul winter weather.

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