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product image of the Kask Rapido

Kask are known for their high end helmets, which have been protecting Team Sky since their first Grand Tour. However, aside from the Vertigo, Infinity and Bambino, Kask also do some superb value lower-end helmets such as the Rapido. They're well worth a look.

The Kask Rapido is the “value” option in the brand’s line-up, and retails for £65 RRP. Its lower price doesn’t mean compromise though, and it still has great Italian styling and a very comfortable fit. It represents an ideal option for those on a slightly tighter budget.


The most important thing with helmets is that they fit well. They need to provide the correct protection and coverage to ensure that you are safe in the event of a crash; whilst also crucially being comfortable.

Fit is something that is often compromised on lower value options though; they tend to have a reduced amount of adjustment and a more primitive cradle system. That is not the case with Kask Rapido.

The Rapido features Kask's 'Up N Down' cradle system, which is found in a wide variety of their helmets; it is a cradle that pivots vertically and horizontally, as well as moulding to the individual's head shape. The result is a fit that is just as good as the Vertigo helmet that we reviewed on the blog (link) a few months back. Great stuff for a value helmet!


Something that is always questioned on a lower priced piece of apparel or kit, is whether the quality will be satisfactory. The higher end Kask models feature qualities such as memory foam padding, leather chin straps and full case moulding, the Rapido forgoes these features, but it still has ample quality to make it a great lid.

The padding is a soft foam option, which is dealing well with the challenge of summer commuting and continued washing (replacement pads are also available). The chin strap is a soft and easily adjusted webbing strap, which again has been comfortable from day one. It's not a top spec package, but it is more than adequate to provide a comfortable lid.


Much like with the quality and great fit system, the Rapido also retains a lot of the great styling that is found on higher end Kask models.

The helmet has a smooth aero shape, with well placed vents to keep you cool. The rear exhaust vents are curved into a rounded profile, and the helmet as a whole looks good when you're wearing it.


Overall, this is a great option from Kask. It provides a lot of the fit, feel and looks of the higher end models, yet it holds a significantly lower price tag. If you don't want all the bells and whistles, but still want a good quality comfortable lid, this is the good stuff!


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