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The brand’s first full top-to-toe range for the trails

You probably already know and love dhb for their road cycling kit. dhb’s all about every type of cycling out there, surrounding themselves with riders of all disciplines - from road riders to mountain bikers - and everything in between.

This season, they’ve launched their first complete MTB collection; Designed, developed and tested to perform in the differing conditions that mountain bikers find on the trails. From sunny, dusty trail centres to wet, muddy singletrack rides, dhb’s MTB collection promises to take any condition in its stride.

dhb designer, Nick, played a key role in creating the collection; “We’re a British brand, and this range has been developed to cope with typically tough British riding conditions. We’re aiming to offer something a bit unique, a bit different from what’s in the marketplace at the moment.”

“It’s well recognized that we’re really strong on road cycling. The formula we have there works fantastically well, and using the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained from that, there’s no reason why it won’t work for our MTB kit.” dhb’s successful formula of top-quality suppliers, collaborative partnerships, dedicated design and development resource, and a true passion for all types of cycling led them to a range with mountain bikers needs at the very heart of it. Finer details are a key component of great kit, and as Nick explains, “We’ve invested a lot of time into picking fabrics that are a step up and offer something unique and different to other MTB kit on the market.”

Core to the new collection are the jackets and shorts, and dhb have taken a lot of time to consider the style, function and fit for both. When it comes to the Waterproof Trail jacket, Nick knew something would be needed for all months of the year, especially in Britain where you’re never far away from a shower, to give you the protection needed on those all-day rides.  

Everything was carefully considered to create a real statement piece for the new collection. “It’s a high-performance jacket. We made a conscious effort to work with selected fabrics – they’re not ‘clone’ fabrics that you might find in other kit of this type,” says Nick. “The fabric has stretch, full 20,000/20,000 waterproof and breathability performance, a rip-stop Nylon outer fabric and a soft-touch grid polyester backing on the inside. This raised texture helps with moisture management, keeps the fabric lightweight and is still able to perform really well.”

All of these features and materials were picked to make the jacket perfect for use on the trail; tough, durable, waterproof and breathable, it moves around with you on the bike so you don’t feel restricted on more technical sections, while giving you exceptional protection against rainy, muddy conditions.

The dhb MTB Trail Baggy Short and dhb MTB Womens Trail Baggy Short also deliver all the features you need, without the extra bulk of features you don’t. Conditions can vary a lot on the trails, and a lot of riders don’t want to be weighed down with heavy kit on changeable days or high-tempo rides – but equally, comfort and performance if you’re caught out in a shower is an absolute must.

“We’ve carefully chosen specialised, high level performance fabrics for the shorts” Nick says. “These are great for both entry level riders looking for reliable performance products, and seasoned riders who spend a lot of time on the bike.”

“We wanted to retain features that are needed and useful. The fabric in the shorts is really unique, and it’s not really been used in MTB shorts before. The Polypropylene fabric that’s used on the inside of the shorts was chosen as it’s hydrophobic, so it doesn’t absorb moisture; it passes it through to the outer fabric to evaporate.”

This also means the shorts won’t hold onto water as much as other traditional fabrics, so if you get caught out in a light shower you won’t get that horrible ‘damp kit’ feeling of the shorts sticking to your leg, that can take the enjoyment level of a ride down a notch or two.

Building on this innovative, lightweight and highly durable fabric, the dhb MTB Trail Pro Baggy Short have the added feature of super tough Ripstop Nylon in the knee and hip areas. This add further protection from bumps and scrapes, increasing the durability of the shorts for those who don’t always keep to the trail.

“The Trail Pro shorts are perfect for seasoned trail and all-mountain riders, looking to further progress their riding and go higher, faster and further,” Says Nick. “They’re generally the type of rider looking for more features, and higher performance from their kit.”

The same consideration has also gone into the dhb MTB Short Sleeve Trail Jersey and dhb MTB Womens Short Sleeve Trail Jersey. The lightweight and breathable fabric stops you from overheating on longer climbs, without being so lightweight that you suffer any major wind-chill on fast descents. Offering a fitted shape without being close against the skin, or being extra-baggy like a downhill jersey, the long-sleeve and short-sleeve options are finished with an understated, colourful design. “They also have an anti-odour finish”, adds Nick, “This keeps them smelling fresher for longer, and it’s the same treatment added to the really nice, warm grid fleece fabric we’ve used for the full-zip jersey.”

Perfect for drier days when there’s a chill in the air, or as a mid-layer under the waterproof jacket to insulate some warmth on the trails, dhb Trail Long Sleeve Thermal Zip Jersey’s grid-fleece construction traps warm air against the skin, without feeling too hot or bulky. With thumb-holes in the sleeves and a zipped chest pocket to store valuables, it’s comfortable and versatile, and looks great on and off the bike.

dhb’s MTB collection was extensively tested to make sure it delivered on all fronts, explains Nick. “It’s all been developed with typical British riding conditions in mind. The kit’s been tested in some of the toughest conditions out there, riding in areas like the Rostrevor Trail Centre and Tollymore forest in Northern Ireland, the Peak District and the South Downs, which are perfect as they give you all sorts of climates.”

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