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We love cycling, but we know that things can go wrong from time to time. We want you to spend less time worrying about those ‘what if scenarios’ and more time riding bicycles. Wiggle Cycle Insurance provides you with the knowledge that you are covered in the best possible way so you can just enjoy the ride.

Wiggle Cycle Insurance is different from just insuring your bicycle as a stand-alone item on your household policy, where your insurance would pay you out should something happen to your bike (it gets stolen, or the frame cracks and is not covered by the warranty). It covers you as a cyclist, in short offering you far more protection/cover and peace of mind knowing that you are covered for all things cycling related.

We offer three levels of insurance so you can choose the policy that best suits your needs. We've highlighted some of the key benefits below.

Available with all Wiggle Cycle Insurance plans

Public liability

Although we don’t like to think about it, accidents do happen. If you’re responsible for damage or injury to other road users, property or pedestrians, Wiggle will protect you for up to £2 million of public liability cover. An essential benefit to protect you financially.

Emergency Private medical and dental

You shouldn’t have to wait in the case of an emergency! If you have a Wiggle policy and you are in need of emergency treatment we’ll provide you with up to £300 for private medical or dental care.

Emergency Physiotherapy

We know that you dislike spending time off the bike, there is nothing worse than an injury. That’s why if you sustain an injury whilst riding a bike, we’ll give you cover for emergency access to a physio of your choice.

Available with Essential Cycle Cover

New for old replacement

If your bike is stolen or accidentally damaged, we’ll sort it out with a new for old equivalent. We even insure your bike when locked in your car or when secured to your roof rack.

Add on extra cover when you need it

Wiggle Essential offers you the flexibility to add active cover or global travel to suit your needs.

Available with Elite Cycle Cover

With the most comprehensive cycle cover we offer, you'll benefit from all the above plus the following:

Replacement cycle hire

We know what it’s like to be without a bicycle! If your bike has been stolen, damaged or lost in transit we’ll make a plan to organise a replacement bike so you can get back in the saddle whilst awaiting the repair or replacement of your bike.

Get discounted rates when insuring multiple bikes

Yes, the N+1 problem is a real thing and when want to have all your bikes covered! We know that insuring more than one bike can be expensive, but this shouldn’t stop you from covering all your bicycles. Wiggle have made it possible for you to insure all your bikes on one policy and save up to 60% on each additional bike.

Taxi Fare Reimbursement

No one likes having to walk home! If you suffer a mechanical or a mishap on your ride, Wiggle will transport you and your bike to your home or the closest transport link up to the value of £150 per policy period.

Accessories and clothing

Cycling kit is valuable. At Wiggle we know how valuable it can be so we offer an optional cover for your GPS, clothing, footwear (amongst loads of other kit) in the event they’re stolen or damaged.

Wiggle Cycle Insurance was created “by cyclists for cyclists”, we have tried to think of all of the scenarios that a cyclist would need insurance cover for. There are a couple that stand out, but one of the most important ones is the cover for public liability! This is definitely something that you are not covered for when you list your bicycle as a standalone item on your normal household policy. By taking out an insurance policy with Wiggle you know that you are covered for those “what if” moments!