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Sleep is an essential part of any training plan; it’s when your body is in its optimal state to recover from daily life and tough physical exercise. Think about how hard you push yourself – your body has a lot of healing to do! It makes sense that you need to fuel your body through this process. More specifically you need a steady flow of protein, “the muscle building nutrient”. This is where taking SiS Overnight Protein will help you to really increase your training performance.

About SiS Overnight Protein

SiS Overnight Protein is low in fat, low in carbohydrates and chock-full of 26 – 27g of great tasting protein, depending which flavour you choose. It’s made from high quality milk protein which is the best type of protein for muscle building and recovery; milk protein is over 80% casein which is a powerhouse when it comes to building strength and power.

What’s so special about casein?

Casein’s greatest strength is that it releases more slowly into the body than other types of protein, drip-feeding your body with nutrients over a long period of time. This makes it the best protein to keep you ticking over for the 8 hours that you’re tucked up in bed.

There are other benefits too! Casein encourages faster strength gains, so you’ll quickly feel a difference in your performance. Casein has also been shown to encourage a higher metabolic rate when sleeping so your body will burn through fuel faster. This is great news if you want to stay lean – you’ll be less likely to have any leftover energy that would otherwise end up stored as fat.

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Is SiS Overnight Protein just for elite athletes?

This is a definite no! In fact, if you’re a beginner athlete then you’ll get the best returns from overnight nutrition; your body is less conditioned to deal with hard training, so it needs even more help to bounce back.

As with all SiS products, SiS Overnight Protein is produced in an Informed Sport accredited factory and is rigorously screened to ensure a clean, safe product that athletes of all levels trust.

How should you use SiS Overnight Protein?

SiS Overnight Protein should be taken 45 - 60 minutes before bed and it can be served hot or cold.

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