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HIGH5 ZERO is one of Wiggle's top selling products. Here's why.

What is HIGH5 ZERO?

HIGH5 ZERO tabs are a compact, easy-to-carry way to create a great-tasting, low-calorie electrolyte drink. As well as 5 different electrolytes, they also contain added vitamin C. Simply drop one tablet into 750ml of plain water and enjoy! 

The tabs don’t have any artificial colours or preservatives and the electrolyte blend includes sodium, magnesium and potassium.

Why choose HIGH5 ZERO ?

HIGH5 ZERO is the perfect way to hydrate no matter what sport you do. The added Vitamin C supports the immune system, whilst magnesium combats fatigue and supports muscle protein synthesis to keep you strong.

The tablets are supplied in a compact tube so it's easy to keep a stash in your saddle bag, waist pack or gym holdall. There's no need for measuring scoops or fiddly sachets - just fill your sports bottle with water, drop in a tab, watch it fizz and within a minute you'll have a tasty drink to enjoy.

Check out our Sportive and Marathon guides for advice on how to use High5 Zero as part of your training and racing plans. 

Which HIGH5 ZERO do I choose?

HIGH5 ZERO is available in a range of flavors, so there's bound to be something to suit you. Watch out for exclusive-to-Wiggle flavours that are released through the year - right now you can get Mango or Mojito alongside the regular line-up.

We also stock HIGH5 Neutral​, which is simply an unflavoured version of the fruity range above. If you’ve got a preferred squash or juice, you can add it and get all of the benefits of the extra Vitamin C and electrolytes, without changing the flavour.

If you need a bit of extra kick, we’ve also got a caffeinated version​. You’ll get the extra benefit of 65mg of caffeine which is about the same as an espresso coffee. To understand how High5’s caffeinated range can boost your performance, check out our guide.