Whether you’re commuting, chasing a PB, or just out for a cruise, it’s important to remain visible while out on a bike. There are many options available to stay safe while out on the road but not all of them are pretty and not all of them are convenient. Here’s our guide to stylish and functional light solutions.

The importance of a pack

Carrying a pack is often a necessity for ride out on your bike. It carries your work clothes, your electronics, your tools and your water. But does it end there?

A biking pack needs to support you in all aspects of your ride. Visibility and safety are a big part of that but you don’t have to sacrifice style in the process. Osprey’s range of stylish biking packs include several useful safety features that add an all-important, and often forgotten, layer of visibility to your ride.

The Osprey Escapist 25 Rucksack and  Osprey Syncro 20 Rucksack

The Escapist 25 and Syncro 20 were built to withstand the worst weather and are packed with features to boost your visibility.

  • LED light attachment point - This subtle feature allows you to securely attach a light to the centre of your Osprey pack. This body height light is more visible to drivers while on the road and can be easily stowed when you reach your destination.
  • Reflective graphics – Ride in style and be seen in low light conditions. Osprey’s reflective graphics boast stylish patterns while also utilising reflective technology to pick up and reflect the light of passing drivers
  • Integrated and detachable high vis raincover – Visibility is never more important than in poor weather conditions. The high vis raincover is specifically coloured to help you stand out in poor weather and is printed with reflective graphics so even when your pack is covered by the raincover you can be assured that you'll be seen.

Let there be light

The LED light attachment point on the Escapist 25 and Syncro 20 is a great way to supplement your on-bike lights by adding an extra rear-light at a height that's unmissable to other road users. 

Osprey love the Lezyne Femto Drive Rear LED Light. It might be small but it packs a punch. The CNC-machined aluminium body is durable while the Durable Composite Matrix Clip-Strat back cap design will keep the light secured to your pack no matter how fast the ride.

A light on your backpack should not be a replacement for on-bike lights. We've put together a lights buying guide where you can find out more. Consider where and when you'll be riding. For example, if you're riding at night through unlit areas you'll need something more powerful than you would need for an urban commute. We braved the dark and put a huge range of lights to the test so that you can compare them side by side.


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