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dhb run reflective running range

For most of us, winter training means running in the dark. Whilst we can't help you on willpower for these dark sky runs, we can help you on kit choice. In this guide, we look at the dhb Reflective Running range, which will boost your safety on the streets.


When you need more than fluorescent clothing

Whether you are running on busy city streets, quiet country lanes, or anything in-between; being visible is always important. Fluoro clothing plays a part in this, but when it is seriously dark, this loses its effectiveness.

What you really need is something reflective...


dhb Run Reflective Jacket

The reflective print on the dhb Run Reflective Jacket ensures that you won't be missed, when headlights or streetlight fall on you.

Don't worry though, you won't be a shining beacon as all times. In daylight, the jacket's print is a subtle design, so it is versatile enough to be an extra layer if it's cold.

The dhb Run Reflective Jacket also has a light PU coating, to make it water resistant. It's also super packable - into its own little pocket.

This is such a great piece of kit, both for comfort and safety.


dhb Run Reflective Tights and Accessories

If you want to up your reflectivity even more, then pair the Run Reflective jacket with the dhb Reflective Run Tights. The reflective print on these running tights is purposely positioned to shine on the most visible parts of you.

To add the reflective cherry on top of your high-visibility kit… you can keep your head and ears warm with the dhb Run Headband - there is a reflective panel on the back for added visibility.


Run safety and comfort secured for the winter months, with the dhb Run Reflective range!

dhb run reflective range women running on a dark night reflective kit