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How to put on a wetsuit

For triathletes and open-water swimmers, a good wetsuit can keep you swimming year-round and can support your stroke, helping you to swim faster for longer. If you're new to wearing a wetsuit it can feel tricky to get into but don't panic - here's our simple guide to get you open-water ready in a flash.

Bags over feet

Get yourself a plastic bag and pop it over your foot. This will make it so much easier to pull the leg of the wetsuit on over your foot.

how should i put on a wetsuit

Pull up the slack

Start at the ankles and pull up the legs, taking out all the slack. If you end up with excess around the crotch, go back to the ankles and gradually start pulling up again. You should end up with a little slack around the waist when you bend over. 

Pro-tip - don't risk damaging your wetsuit with long nails - be sure to keep them trimmed and filed. 

How to put on a wetsuit

Now for the arms

Grab those plastic bags again and put them over your hands. This will help you to slide your wetsuit on more easily and minimise the risk of tears. Starting at the wrist this time, pull up over the arms and the shoulders gradually, again making sure there's no slack. 

Once you've got the wetsuit on comfortably over your shoulders, you'll need to gently rouche the neoprene up and under the armpits, making sure there's enough slack for your arms to comfortably complete your swim stroke.

How to put on a wetsuit

Bend over and pull up the front

Once arms and legs are in place, you'll need to bend over and pull the slack out of the front so you end up with a nice, flush neckline.

How to put on a wetsuit

Zip up and dive in

All that's left to do now is zip yourself up and jump in.

Have a great swim!

How to put on a wetsuit

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