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There’s no denying it – winter is a challenging season for training. The cold, the wet, the dark mornings and evenings are just some of the downsides to training in winter. Yet, it’s non-negotiable with half marathons, marathons and cycling events on the horizon.

While training in winter isn’t always the most pleasurable, there are some simple hacks you can do to make sure every session is worth your while and you’re zapping all you can out of those tough winter workouts.

We asked the nutrition experts at HIGH5 for their top five ways to get the most out of winter:

1. Plan, plan and plan again

If ever there is a time for a training plan, this is it. And, a realistic one at that. There are a couple of reasons why a training plan in winter can really aid your efforts:

Planning out your training time means you’re less likely to take on too much and overdo it. Without a plan, it becomes very easy to take on too much.

At the other end of the spectrum, having a training plan in place will encourage you to train, even when you don’t really feel like it. If you don’t have a plan in place then it becomes very tempting to ‘train tomorrow instead’, ‘make up the missed time at the weekend’ or ‘go when the weather is a little better’. A thought-out training plan stops the excuses creeping in!

2. Stay hydrated

This is an easy one to forget in winter. The cold weather can trick you into thinking that you’re not sweating as much and losing those key electrolytes that your body needs. However, the opposite is true.

With the cold weather comes more clothing, which means you will still sweat and lose vital electrolytes. Don’t let it happen by adding a HIGH5 ZERO Protect tab to your water bottle. Whatever the weather, hydration is key. ZERO Protect also contains plant extract and added vitamins to maintain your body’s immune system during and after exercise.

3.Adapt your gear for winter

Although you’re bound to work up a sweat once you get going, it’s important to start your training warm. Winter is the season to layer up – bring your gloves, hat, thick leggings and multiple tops. You can always remove layers as you go.

Another tip is to warm up your nutrition supplements. High5 ZERO (20 tabs) works well hot, especially the exclusive-to-Wiggle apple and cinnamon flavour . Add a tab to a flask of hot water and you’ll stay hydrated and warm.

Last but by no means least, adapt your gear with safety in mind. Dark mornings and evenings mean that it’s time to dig out the high-visibility reflective gear and not leave home without it!

4. Don’t forget about recovery

Avoid injury by giving your muscles the protein they need to recover. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass so opt for a post-exercise recovery drink.

The perfect post-training reward for winter? A recovery hot chocolate! Add a couple of scoops of High5 Recovery Drink Chocolate to some warm milk and voila.  

5. Actively look after your health

A wide variety of fruit and veg will help you to get the vitamins and minerals you need to boost your immune system. Alternatively, get your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals with High5 Sports Vitamins - a daily dose vegan capsule specifically formulated with active people in mind. The 20 active ingredients are provided to tackle key deficiencies common in athletes and boosting your performance.


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