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Nike has launched their latest footwear range. Style-wise, Nike’s come up with another great range; this season’s incredible colours look brilliant and they’ll really give you a mood boost! Function-wise, Nike’s advanced technologies ensure that every shoe feels comfortable and helps you to perform to your best – assuming that you get the right one.

This guide will help you to find your perfect match from the new Nike footwear collection.


Consider your gender

Nike Flyknit 2


Men and women have very different needs when it comes to footwear. The two most basic reasons are that women tend to have narrower feet thus need a narrower shoe and men’s feet tend to be longer so men need a longer shoe.

These are simple differences but they have a massive impact on the overall construction of a shoe, including where cushioning is positioned and the width of the toe box.


Think about how much support you want

Nike Lunarglide

Do you find running more comfortable in a well cushioned shoe?

Do you need a shoe that will stabilise your foot to stop you rolling inwards or outwards?

Maybe you prefer something with a slimmer outsole so that you’re lower to the ground? In this instance, take a look at the Nike Free range.


Factor in where you’ll be running

Nike Zoom

Are you heading for the road?

Taking on the trails?

On a practical level, yes you can wear a road shoe on a trail and vice versa but it’s unlikely to be comfortable or safe. If you’re off-road then a trail-specific shoe will offer more stability, traction and protection than a road shoe. Plus road and trail outsoles are made from different materials to offer maximum durability on a specific surface. Quite simply, a shoe will wear out faster if it’s not used in the right place.


Decide how long you’ll be on your feet

If you’re logging loads of miles then you need a shoe that offers exceptional durability; lower profile shoes have less materials in the outsole so they tend to wear out faster. If you don’t run for long each time or if you can afford to regularly replace your footwear then you’ll be OK with a lower profile shoe from the Nike Free range.

Nike Free range