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If you've been shopping for cycling shorts or tights you'll probably be familiar with the name Elastic Interface. You might have seen their logo on the label, but what exactly do they do? 

Elastic Interface specialises in the 'chamois' pad that goes into cycling shorts and tights. It's a vital component in ensuring that you're sitting comfortably, ride after ride. Elastic Interface pads are used by some of the biggest brands in cycling, including dhb.

Elastic Interface believes that cycling has the power to change people’s lives for the better. This inspires them to continually innovate and improve.

With a comprehensive R&D department, Elastic Interface uses the latest technology to create pads that are focused entirely on comfort and performance. Their expertise stretches across road, cyclocross, MTB, triathlon, urban, crossover, ultra-cycling, training and spinning. They've even developed pads especially for kids.

dhb are proud to use Elastic Interface pads across their entire cycle and triathlon clothing range. They tirelessly test pads to find the right ones that meet the demands of all riders.

Want to find out which pad is right for you? Here's our complete guide.

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Paris HCS: Aeron LAB

Ride time: 7 hours+

Aeron Lab is dhb’s elite-level race kit. Riders at this level have very specific demands of their kit and dhb worked closely with UCI Continental team, Canyon dhb p/b Soreen, to rigorously test a variety of chamois solutions. They finally settled on a custom solution to create the perfect pad for racers.

The Paris HCS Pad is constructed with three different densities of high-density foam, which combine to give you comfort on rides of more than seven hours. The smooth surface and gradual transitions of different densities are perfectly suited to long distances. Elastic Interface's innovative Hybrid Cell System (200kg/m³) has been incorporated which provides extra support when you're in an aggressive, road riding position.

The Hybrid Cell System (HCS) is a new, high-performance material for the most demanding cyclists and endurance riders from road and off-road disciplines. It’s exclusive to Elastic Interface® and features a mixed-cell structure that delivers unprecedented elastic recovery.

With its 200 kg/m³ ultra-density design, the Hybrid Cell System enables Elastic Interface to create padding that is significantly thinner and lighter than gel, and also radically more breathable and resistant to wear and tear.

Finally, the finishing surface of the Paris HCS has perforations to help with moisture management, and it uses 100% recycled and sustainable “ECO Carbonium Flash” face fabric.

Paris HP: Aeron

Ride time: 7 hours+

The shorts and tights in dhb’s Aeron collection are permanent best-sellers. The Paris HP pad used throughout the range has become a favourite for so many riders. 

The ultra-high density inserts (120kg/m³) in the perineal and ischiatic area make it perfect for road and off-road activities. The central channel is engineered according to gender-specific measurements, focused on relieving pressure and aiding blood flow. It also uses 3 different densities of foam and is finished with a smooth surface thanks to gradual transitions between densities.

Just like the Paris HCS pad, it has perforations on the surface to aid breathability and moisture transfer and is finished with Elastic Interface's 100% recycled and sustainable “ECO Carbonium Flash” face fabric.

Road Performance Force: Aeron Ultra

Custom-made for dhb, this road-specific chamois is perfect for the longest of rides. It has four densities of foam, minimum bulk and great flexibility while there are versions for men, pictured below, and women adapted to the specific anatomical needs.

Pressure relief, improved blood flow and a smooth surface are all crucial when you are settling down for an endurance ride - and the Hybrid Cell System (HCS) of the Road Performance Force pad delivers in every way.

This chamois is perforated for high breathability, keeping you cool and dry in the saddle at all times and topped with the recycled and sustainable ECO X-Mix fabric.

Elastic Interface Road Performance Force chamois pad

NICE HD Super Air Men: Aeron Turbo

Exclusively designed for dhb by Elastic Interface®, this dual density chamois features perforated padding for extreme breathability and moisture management - making it the perfect partner for the toughest of turbo sessions.

This pad is tailored to the male anatomy, with improved blood flow, perineal pressure relief and a smooth surface ensuring comfort throughout your indoor rides.

As with the rest of the range, it is topped by the recycled and sustainable ECO X-Mix fabric.

Elastic Interface NICE HD Super Air Men chamois

Giro: Classic and Blok

Ride time: Up to 5 hours

The dhb Classic and Blok collections share the same chamois. A solid choice for rides of up to 5 hours (or more if you find it suits you), the Giro chamois works for both on and off-road rides.

It uses 2 different foam densities and is anatomically shaped to be gender-specific. This pad also uses Elastic Interface’s ECO X-Mix fabric- recycled yarns for a sustainable fabric. It is finished with a soft polyamide payer for comfort, and polyester on the lower level for moisture management.

Elastic Interface has also stretched their expertise into Triathlon, creating chamois pads that are specific to the demands of triathletes.

Tri Comp: Aeron Trisuits

Triathlon type: Half/Full Ironman

This chamois is constructed from 2 different foam densities and is extremely flexible. The wings are fabric only, allowing for comfort throughout your run and swim, as well as your cycle. With an added, gender-specific, 120kg/m³ insert to help when you’re on tribars and riding in the most aerodynamic position, this chamois is the one dhb recommend for those taking part in half or full Ironman events. It is finished with the same sustainable and recycled ECO-X Mix fabric as the cycle pads.

Super Tri S: Classic and Blok Trisuits

Triathlon type: Sprint/Olympic distance

This unisex chamois has a super slim profile, making it perfect for shorter distance Triathlons. Like the Tri Comp chamois found in the Aeron Trisuits, this chamois has perforated foam for excellent moisture management and quick-drying properties. It also has ‘all-way stretch’ fabric, ensuring a comfortable fit, and allowing for a full range of movement. 

Elastic Interface Super Tri S chamois

Look out for the orange tag

That little orange tag on the back of your shorts is Elastic Interface's way of telling you that you're riding in one of their chamois. A mark of quality and authenticity so you can wear with pride and confidence.

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