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Which Pro-Lite wheels are right for you? In this guide, we talk you through the extensive range from Pro-Lite.


Who are Pro-Lite?

Born from an international racing heritage, spanning more than 30 years, Pro-Lite combines the vision of the most demanding riders in the world, with a production team specialised in hand-building products.

Pro-Lite has unbeatable expertise and experience; having built thousands of wheels, and spent decades producing both precision parts. With their own carbon factory and alloy frame factory, Pro-Lite has the tools necessary to push boundaries. As a manufacturer, they pour passion into every product; always under the watchful eye of our ex-professional cyclist and CEO, Steve Fenton.

Pro-Lite are unique, in offering an extensive range of both carbon and alloy products; and they promise that whatever they deliver, it will be handmade, race-ready product.

However, with such an extensive range, how do you know what Pro-Lite product is right for you? Keep reading, to find out which wheelset they recommend, for different types of cycling…

Pro Lite Wheels Factory



The all-round wheelset - The Pro-Lite Bracciano Caliente C45 

Looking for that one perfect wheel set? A wheel set that allows you to climb with confidence, a wheel set that glides easily on steep descents, a wheel set that uses your power to its maximum on long flat stretches; a wheel set that is the perfect all-rounder? Well, look no further than the Bracciano Caliente C45.

A great wheel set for all-round road riding, these 45mm full carbon wheels boast having a low rolling resistance, thanks to their top quality Japanese EZO bearings; they are also built with Pro-Lite's patented spoke braces, and a larger flange size, to increase power transfer. Importantly, too, they are also easily serviced; with just two hex keys being the only tools required.

A great all-rounder, view the Pro Lite Bracciano Caliente 45mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset at Wiggle.

Pro Lite Bracciano Caliente 45mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset



The lightweight wheelset - The Pro-Lite Bracciano A27 

Are you a particularly light rider? Are you tired of feeling weighted down by your wheels? Are you an avid climber? Are you looking for a lightweight wheel set that will allow you to reach your maximum potential? Good news! The Pro-Lite Bracciano A27 is the one for you!

The Bracciano has a 27mm rim depth; with smaller hub flanges, and a lower spoke count, too; all targeted at reducing overall weight. Lightweight doesn't mean reduced reliability, though; and the Bracciano uses special 90° bend and butted spokes, which are stronger than normal spokes.

The Pro Lite Bracciano A27 Black Alloy Clincher Wheelset will have you flying up those hills!



The aero wheelset - The Pro-Lite Bracciano A42 SE 

Want to upgrade your wheels to improve your road racing? Thinking on doing a road race for the first time, and not sure which wheels to choose? Taking part in timed events, and want to make sure you achieve your best time ever? The Pro-Lite Bracciano A42 SE Wheelset is the one for you!

With these underneath you, you are giving yourself the best chance to reach some of your fastest times! They boast Pro-Lite's patented spoke braces, which maximise power transfer; most importantly though, they have a flash-welded 42mm profile alloy rim - providing outstanding aerodynamics, but with the benefits of an alloy rim. The Bracciano hubs are renowned for their super low rolling resistance and impressive power transfer.

All these features, should see the Pro Lite Bracciano A42 SE Alloy Clincher Wheelset get you over that finish line in record time!

Pro Lite Bracciano A42 SE



The road disc wheelset - The Pro-Lite Revo A21

Is it a training wheel you need? Are you planning on doing some cyclocross? Do you need a wheel capable of dealing with all different types of surfaces? Perhaps some touring is on the agenda? The Pro-Lite Revo A21 is the perfect match for you.  

Made to be completely reliable, the Revo A21 is outstanding in all conditions. It comes with either a 6 bolt ISO or center-lock disc compatibility. It also features the fantasticically smooth Japanese EZO bearings.  

View the Pro Lite Revo A21W (ISO 6-Bolt) Road Wheelset Alloy Road Di at Wiggle

Pro Lite Revo A21 Alloy Road Disc Brake Wheelset



The durable winter wheelset - The Pro-Lite Garda Alloy Clincher 

Is it a smooth rolling training wheel you are thinking about getting? Is it a robust wheel that will keep going mile after mile and never let you down? Is it a reliable winter wheel set what you need? Then, check out the Pro-Lite Garda alloy clincher wheel set.

This wheel set is amazing value for money. It provides the longevity of a training wheel, with the heart of a racing wheel. It has a 30mm low profile alloy rim, providing the perfect mix of low rotational mass and strength. This is combined with sealed cartridge bearing hubs, and a new duplex spoke pattern - both of which provide durable and reliable strength and performance.

For a durable winter training wheel set, look no further than the Pro Lite Garda Alloy Clincher Wheelset.

Pro Lite Garda Alloy Clincher Wheelset




Pro-Lite are known for their testing, development and design. These wheelsets provide the perfect partner, no matter what kind of terrain, conditions or challenge you are riding.

With the reasurrance of Pro-Lite using the best materials, excellent craftsmanship and extensive product knowledge; you can be sure that a set of Pro-Lite hoops, will keep running smooth and fast, for many many miles.

View the full range from Pro-Lite wheels, at Wiggle

View the Pro-Lite Wheels range at Wiggle