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I have previously tested Hiplok's POP Cable Lock and their DX Wearable Bicycle Lock. I loved both of them. In fact, I still use them on a weekly basis, when I'm POPing (sorry!) around town on the bike, or commuting to work.

In this review, I am looking at Hiplok's pinnacle lock: the Big Brother of maximum security, the GOLD. A product name deserved not only because of its quality, but also its GOLD Sold Secure rating (find out more about ratings in our Bike Locks Buying Guide).

In particular, I'm looking at the Hiplok Gold Superbright wearable bicycle chain lock: the latest release in the chain lock range. With an added reflective sleeve, this product promises to provide added safety on the bike; as well as the peace-of-mind that your bike is safe when you arrive at your destination.




Bombproof wearable protection

The unique thing about Hiplok, is that their chain locks are safely wearable around your hips, much like a belt. You don't need to lock the chain around yourself (a dodgy practice); rather, Hiploks clip together, with a neat patented composite clip, and can be adjusted to your waist size. It is this wearable design that makes Hiplok locks super useful for commuting and getting around town, when you don't want to stash a heavy bike lock in your bag or on your bike.

It is wearable technology, but it is also bombproof protection. Coming in three different protection levels (and weights), Hiplok chain locks all hold Sold Secure ratings: The Hiplok Superbright Lite achieves Bronze status, the Original V1.50 achieves Silver status, whilst the GOLD… you guessed it. This is top level protection for your bike.



Safety first

Reassured that your bike is safe at your locking location, Hiplok turned to rider safety with the Superbright range. This range features an ultra-reflective sleeve, sheaved along the length of the chain, to provide blazing visibility when worn in traffic. It works… watch the video!




To sum up, this new Superbright range from Hiplok ticks a lot of boxes.

The Hiplok Lite Superbright Wearable Bicycle Chain Lock is comfortably worn on the bike, by people with anything from a 24 to a 42 inch waist. It provides safety: both because you don't need to lock it around yourself, and because it stands out like a pelican crossing in the dark. It also provides security: with reassured ratings, three keys, an 8mm hardened steel chain and a 12mm hardened steel shackle.

It is a great package, and although a little weighty, it is probably worth that weight in GOLD (probably), for the peace of mind and protection it provides.   

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Published on: 15 Mar 2016

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