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Arsene Wenger introducing broccoli. Lynn Swann taking ballet lessons. Michelle Smith lifting weights. Team Sky supercharging performance and nutrition measurement. Usain Bolt doing Pilate’s. Steve Nash's sleep routine.

The history of improvements of performance in sports is paralleled by that of steps forward in nutrition, training practices, technique and kit. Here at Wiggle, we spend most of our time thinking and talking about the last; what are the key pieces that will enhance your enjoyment of your chosen sport? We – like most athletes – haven’t enough time thinking about training and training practices. That is, until now. As we expand our range of fitness and training products, we wanted to bring you some supporting content on how you can improve your performance, help prevent injury and generally help you be fitter, strong, faster.


Cross Training

As the examples above show, simply training by running, cycling or swimming can get you so far. It’s widely recognised that cross training is a great way to build you general strength. Plus is something to do when you get fidgety on you days off. This guide will take you through the basics.



The big brother of cross training, CrossFit has become wildly popular over the last few years for those wanting an all-round strength and fitness experience. This guide will show you how - the beginners guide to CrossFit



We’ve published a lot about nutrition over the years – we've got nutrition advice for everything from day to day training to sportives, marathons, even ultramarathons


Foam Rolling

One of the most effective – and painful – tools in any athletes locker, the foam roller is a great way of recovering faster and helping injury prevention. Here’s our guide to making foam rolling a part of your life and more than just good intentions - the foam roller technique guide


Shop the Range

The full range of gym clothing, kit and accessories is available here: 


Complete gym kit guide

Find everything you need for the gym, along with insights into specialist weight-lifting equipment, in our complete guide to gym gear. View Wiggle's Gym Gear Guide. 

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