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Give a Garmin – Which one?

Garmin prides itself on having a device for everyone. This means that this Christmas, you'll be able to treat someone to the perfect present - whether they're simply looking to stay more active during the day, or they're a fitness fanatic with specific goals.

But first you need to work out which Garmin is The One. We're here to help...


For the friend that's bike-obsessed.

The Garmin Edge 820 has everything for the friend that wants to ride, record, and repeat.

It's compact, lightweight and touchscreen; plus it offers turn-by-turn navigation, to avoid those longer-than-planned Sunday ride-outs.

It'll give them an incredible level of insight into their riding efficiency; offering metrics for their VO2 max, advice on recovery times, and performance condition. They'll also be able to chase KOM's via the Strava live segments, and keep tabs on the rest of their group with GroupTrack.

The Garmin Edge 820 will indirectly improve your own performance as well… You'll need to put in some extra training time yourself, to match the increased standard of your riding competition!

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Garmin Edge 820


For the friend that loves to run.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is brilliant if your friend is a complete running nut in their spare time! Complete with wrist-based heart rate and GPS, the Forerunner 35 tracks distance, pace, heart rate, intensity minutes and calories. It also tracks daily steps and monitors sleep, and vibrates if the wearer has been sat for too long.

The Forerunner 35 is the most recent addition to the Garmin range, so you'll get extra points for keeping them up to date with the latest releases!

But that's not all… By pairing Garmin Forerunner 35 with a smartphone your friend can receive smart notifications and control music and you can follow their runs in real time thanks to the live tracking feature.

garmin forerunner watch


For the friend that wants a complete lifestyle update.

Garmin's Vivofit 3 is designed for people that want to track cumulative activity throughout the day, without choosing a different setting for their walks, runs, bike rides etc.

With an in-built Move IQ detector, the Garmin Vivofit 3 automatically senses when there’s a change in activity. It shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes and monitors sleep.

It is also a great substitute for a normal watch as it's even sleek enough to be worn under a shirt cuff during the working week.Garmin Vivofit 3


For the friend that wants to clock-up some running PR's.

Friends that really want to challenge themselves (perhaps they have a Marathon in the calendar?) will love the Garmin Forerunner 630.

It measures ground contact time, stride length and running symmetry - everything they'll need to improve their running efficiency. When race day comes around, you'll be able to keep up to speed with their progress thanks to the Forerunner 630's live tracking function. Think of it like the Forerunner 35 with extra bells and whistles.

The Garmin Forerunner 630 is absolutely brilliant if you want to follow your friend's finest hour, every step of the way.


For the friend that can't decide.

We all know someone that swims, rides, runs - and does plenty else besides. They'll need something to keep up! We suggest the latest multisport Garmin Forerunner 735XT.

It offers tracking training data for running, cycling, swimming, multisport, hiking, skiing, strength, paddle sports and more. It also has a wrist-based heart rate monitor, so it can accurately track training intensity, calories burned, and daily activity – essential information for anybody trying to improve their performance and fuel their recovery.

This isn't about being Jack of all, master of none. This watch will give your friend expert status, right across the board.

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