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The Get Speedo Fit swimming program was the brainchild of Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Geoff 'Skippy' Huegill. This 'performer' guide is designed to help experienced swimmers who want to improve their speed and technique.

Am I a performer?

The Get Speedo Fit training programme identifies a 'performer' as someone who is comfortable swimming long distances and wishes to improve their technique and further develop their speed.

A swimmer diving into an outdoor pool

Warm up routines:

Poolside warm up - 3 minutes

  • Prepare for your swim strokes by gently swinging your arms - this will boost your circulation
  • Move your hips in a circular motion
  • Get your legs, feet and ankles moving in preparation of the 'toes pointed' streamlined leg position while swimming.

In Pool warm-up - 12 minutes

  • 200m: Front crawl
  • 150m: Easy front crawl (focus on the length and glide of your stroke)
  • 100m: Easy backstroke
  • 50m: Breaststroke arms with front crawl legs.

A swimmer emerging from a pool

The training plan - starter main sets

The key here is to choose your workout - Swim/Cardio, Pull/Arms or Kick/Arms - it's important to vary your workout and if you're doing a long training session (60 minutes) then remember to select two different main sets.

Swim/Cardio - 15 minutes

For this main set, repeat the following 150m combination 4-6 times.

  • 25m: Front crawl
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • 50m: Front crawl
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • 75m: Front crawl
  • Rest 45 seconds
  • (Time for each additional length should be the same as the first 25m. Work through as far as possible for the 15 minute duration.)

Pull/Arms - 15 minutes

To get the most out of this particular set you will need the Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles and the Speedo Elite Pullbuoy.

Swim a 100m 'Fists' front crawl swim alternate lengths as follows:

  • Lap 1: Swim with your right hand fist clenched and your left hand in the normal position.
  • Lap 2: Keep your left fist clenched and your right hand in the normal position. (Rotate on this basis for every lap).

100m single paddle swimming front crawl with a Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddle:

  • Swim the first 50m with your right hand in the normal position and the left hand with the Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddle.
  • Swim the second 50m with your left hand and the right hand in its normal position with the Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddle.

Hand strength routine:

Repeat this 100m front crawl session 3-5 times. Feel your hands getting bigger as you progressuntil you almost feel like you have paddles on for the full stroke.

  • 25m: Fists front crawl, try to make sure your hands don't slip through the water by keeping your forearm vertical.
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • 25m: Front crawl with fists clenched but keep your index finger pointed.
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • 25m: Front crawl with index finger and thumb lightly touching.
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • 25m: Full stroke - feel the sensation of having invisible paddles on during this powerful stroke.
  • Rest 20 seconds and work through as far as possible for 15 minute duration.

Kick/Legs - 15 minutes

Start in the deep end and repeat set 3-5 times.

  • 50m: Front crawl, 10 seconds vertical kick with Speedo Biofuse Fins.
  • 50m: Front crawl, 10 seconds vertical kick (small flutter with float).
  • 50m: Front crawl, 10 seconds vertical kick with arms folded over chest.
  • 50m: Front crawl, 10 seconds vertical kick with elbows raised to surface.
  • 50m: Front crawl, 10 seconds vertical kick with arms above head.
  • Work through as far as possible for 15 minutes duration.

Tips for your training sets

  • Try adding Speedo Reversible Drag shorts on if you wish to work harder.
  • Add a Speedo Centre Snorkel so you can watch how your hands and arms move underwater.
  • Make sure your pool is deep enough to perform these training exercises.

An underwater photo of a woman swimming breaststroke

Warm down

After a sustained period of intense exercise the body produces by-products that will cause fatigue and leave you sore. A warm down will help aid your recovery by clearing these by-products from your blood stream.

  • 50m: Double arm backstroke with a pull buoy.
  • 100m: Front crawl with training fins, paddles and snorkel (easy).
  • 50m: Breaststroke.
  • 100m: Front crawl with training fins, paddles and snorkel (easy).


Speedo Biofuse Power Paddles

Speedo Biofuse Power Paddles with linkThis piece of training equipment helps to increase the size and span of your hand and hold more water when you swim. Power Paddles help increase resistance and improve your swim technique.




Speedo Finger Paddles

Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles with linkThe Speedo Finger Paddles have been designed to improve your awareness of how much water is being 'caught' in your hands during a stroke. Finger paddles are much smaller than the Biofuse Power Paddles and as a result provide a much lower form of resistance against the water.




Speedo Biofuse Training Fins

Speedo Biofuse Training Fins with linkSpeedo Biofuse training fins help increase your kick propulsion and improve ankle flexibility. They also enable you to move through the water more effectively especially if your kick is an area of your stroke that needs to be developed and improved.





Speedo Elite Pull Buoy

Speedo Elite Pull Buoy with linkThe Speedo Elite Pull Buoy helps to increase arm propulsion; when placed between your thighs it can be used to increase the workload to your arms as well as helping you maintain a flat swimming position without any leg kick.






Speedo Elite Kickboard

Speedo Elite Kickboard with linkThe Speedo Elite Kickboard can be used to isolate your legs and help improve your kicking technique and leg strength. Hold the kickboard with both hands stretched out in front of you and use your legs to propel you.






Speedo Elite Pullkick

Speedo Elite Pullkick with linkThis Speedo Elite Pullkick combines both elements of the kickboard and pull buoy, as a result it means you don't need to take a huge amount of equipment for your training sessions - #goodstuff.






Speedo Centre Snorkel

Speedo Centre Snorkel with linkSpeedo Centre Snorkel enables you to keep your head still when you swim; this allows you to concentrate 100% on your stroke technique and not have to ta