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How time in the pool can improve your cycling performance

Speedo are on a mission - to help you go beyond fit, to get Speedo Fit; by using swimming to enhance your performance in your chosen sport.

Working with many athletes (both international professionals and local enthusiasts) they have come to see the benefits of using multi-disciplinary training to enhance an athlete's performance, in their chosen sport.

Swimming is especially beneficial because it is a low impact, easily accessible, full-body workout; focusing on key muscle groups, and training your lungs - to help aid your breathing technique during sporting efforts.

Because Wiggle is a passionate tri-sports community, with a real focus on cycling, Speedo offered to share with us the benefits of using swimming to support your cycling; along with some great kit choices to help those cyclists that are new to swimming.

We liked it so much, we thought it was definitely worth a read… and look forward to seeing you down the pool to train for your next Wiggle sportive events!



On your bike! How swimming supports your cycling

There is nothing better than a challenging workout on the bike; but one in a while, it's worth considering the benefits of spending training time on another discipline. In fact, when you combine sports like swimming, with your cycling, you may well find that it improves your performance in both!

For many elite athletes, swimming is their secret weapon – hitting the pool regularly ensures they stay at their peak. For cyclists, the right swim training plan will help you to become more accomplished on your bike. Both your body and your mind will reap the benefits; and with a few tweaks to your lifestyle, you'll become a fitter person all-round.

The great thing about swimming, is that it complements any other activity you like doing; it works every part of the body, and it's not as time-consuming as cycling. After an hour's workout you'll notice the difference.

Quality time in the pool, translates into better performance on the bike.




On your marks… get set…

So what is it about being in the pool that benefits your cycling?

Swimming exercises those crucial core muscles, to create the perfect platform for improved cycling performance. You are protecting your legs, and taking pressure off your joints by working them through the water. You will also improve both your resistance and recovery, and at the end of the day, your knees will thank you!

Swimming helps relax your brain, too; so you be well rested, and ready for action when you're back in the saddle.




Top tips for your swim

Mix it up by changing your strokes, distances and drills when swimming; this is a great way to ensure an all-round workout.

Changes of pace, from steady to maximum effort, are ideal; they allow you to train for longer, as well as work towards different goals - such as burning fat, building lung capacity, and recovering from tough sessions.

Grab a kickboard and do some steady kicks - for the ideal low-impact active recovery after a long day in the saddle. Adding fins to your workout will allow you to move faster through the water.

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Prepare your body and success will follow

Having the right kit can turn a good swim into a great workout. Here are some suggestions to ensure your gear to gives you that extra boost in the water.

If you need a new swimsuit, then Speedo Fit Pinnacle swimwear is packed full of innovation… Power Mesh panels help you to improve your body positioning in the water, then there's added compression around the legs and core; whilst the female suit features 360º bust support. View our range of Speedo Swimwear.

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The kickboard is an essential bit of kit for a cyclist taking up swimming. It helps you to focus on strengthening your legs, or to perform active recovery. Hand paddles are also a great tool for resistance training; building arm strength and improving technique. View our range of Speedo Kickboards.

Using fins allows you to move faster, which not only makes you feel good, but can also work the legs harder because of the added resistance. View our range of Speedo Fins.