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To avoid injury and maximise performance, every runner needs their shoes to match their stride and style perfectly.

That's why Wiggle provides a completely free gait analysis service, giving you direct access to experts who will help you find the perfect shoes for your running style.

Finding the right shoes is essential for all runners, no matter their experience or fitness level. Your running shoes must be comfortable and provide complete support for the delicate network of complex bones and ligaments within your foot as it impacts on concrete or hard-packed terrain. 

Wiggle has a wide range of running shoes that cater for every kind of runner. But modern running shoes are designed to compensate for different running styles, so using the wrong type, or misunderstanding your exact requirements, can lead to an increased risk of developing an injury. 

The choice can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry – our team of Wiggle Run Specialists is here to help.

All you need is a Facebook account so you can join a live chat, a video of you demonstrating your normal running style, and a few details about you (see below). Your Run Specialist will spend as much time as you need to get to know your running style and goals so they can recommend the right shoes. 

‘Gait Analysis’ is a way of assessing how you run. When you talk to one of our running specialists, they will ask you to send a 30-60 second video showing you running at a normal and steady pace - preferably on a treadmill - from the hips down. If you don’t have access to a treadmill, then pick a straight segment of a flat road or path and run for about 40 metres towards the camera.

  • The video should be recorded horizontally, either with your smartphone or a camera.
  • It should show images from your hips down to the ground. We need to clearly see your hips, knees and ankles.
  • Try to record it as steadily as possible and focus on the lower body. 
  • We'll need to see you running towards and across the camera.
  • If your smartphone has a slow-motion mode, this helps our advisors in their analysis.

They’ll be able to use this video to assess your running style and recommend the right pair of shoes.

Have a look at the below video, where Run Specialist Joan Raich explains the service in more detail. 


What do you need to know?

Along with the video of your running style, your Run Specialist will ask the below questions, so try to have the answers to hand when you get in touch:

  • Your height and weight
  • How long have you been running?
  • How many times per week?
  • What distances do you run?
  • Do you have a goal or race ahead?
  • Have you had any injuries recently?
  • What shoe model and size are you currently using?


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