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Etixx Sports Nutrition is #goodstuff

Etixx Sports Nutrition is new to Wiggle and the UK. They’re the brand behind the recently renamed Etixx - Quick-Step (formerly Omega Pharma – Quick-Step), home of cycling-heavyweights Mark Cavendish and Tony Martin.

But believe it or not, the main attraction to Etixx isn’t their pro cycling team. The main appeal goes a bit deeper; they understand what it takes to be the best in your field. If you want to reach your peak, you need to work towards your goals 24/7. This level of dedication isn’t specific to cycling, running, rugby or any other sport but it is specific to champions.

World class nutrition

The name may not be that well known in the UK yet, but it is the No.1 sports nutrition brand in Belgium and soon to be in the UK! The range has been developed with and is used by some of the world’s best athletes which is why the whole range is Informed Sport endorsed to provide a clean advantage.

Etixx offers athletes complete support; they have a great range of bars, gels and drinks for before, during and after training, plus vitamins and minerals to energise and restore your body with the right nutrients throughout the day. But Etixx isn’t specific to cycling. With world class athletes choosing Etixx from a wide range of sports, Etixx is also suitable for running, rugby or any other high intensity sport.


Etixx Health range banner and link
The Etixx health category is all about keeping the basics healthy: your joints, tendons, ligaments and overall energy levels. Without a healthy foundation, your body will struggle to cope with day to day activities so you can kiss goodbye to any dreams of great physical feats.


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The Etixx strength category is about emphasizing the importance of building strength - It isn’t just bodybuilders that should focus on strength; endurance cyclists and runners also benefit from increased muscle power. A stronger muscle is a more efficient muscle; it can tolerate more resistance and keep going for longer. Your nutrition is critical as it’s what fuels your training and recovery.


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You’ll have probably heard about the “recovery window” after training. It’s when your body is calling out for replenishment from carbohydrates and protein. Exact time-frames are often questioned but up to an hour post-training is a good guideline. During this time your body will mop up anything that you ingest so you must make sure that anything that you eat or drink is top quality.


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Everything about the Etixx endurance category is focused on energy. The vitamins and minerals in this category help your body to break down, digest and use the energy that you feed it. The drinks and gels in this range are carbohydrate-based to ensure that your body has enough energy to get through your training.


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Etixx interprets performance as being able to switch on and focus when you need to rise to the challenge. The Etixx performance range features products that include caffeine, ginseng and guarana – natural ingredients that are known for giving you a surge of energy.

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