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After a winter spent battling wind and rain, you may well think that running in summer's sunshine will be a dream. But truth be told, summer running presents its own challenges – the most common being heat, holidays, people-dodging, and later bed times.

We've teamed up with ASICS to give you some quick solutions to runners' most typical summer frustrations...

How to deal with higher temperatures

Your core temperature should be around 37 degrees Celsius. Although a slight increase in temperature will actually help you to run better (warmer muscles, increased blood flow), your performance will suffer if it reaches 42 degree Celsius (108 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Run early or late. The sun won't be as high, and the air temperature will be cooler.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration further stresses (and heats) your body.
  • Head to the coast, if you can. A sea breeze will keep you cooler.
  • Wear breathable clothing. A fail-safe range is the ASICS summer collection where every single item benefits from sweat-wicking fabric.

How to keep your routine on holiday

Whether you're away for two days or two weeks, lie-ins and lazy days make it easy to forget the pleasures of running. There are two ways to deal with holidays: build-in a rest week, or adjust your training for your time away.

  • Use your run to explore the local area. It helps you to find places to revisit later in the day.
  • If you're travelling with a group, get up early to fit in your run without missing out on quality time with them. You won't need to disturb anyone to let you in and out, either. Many ASICS tights and shorts feature key pockets.
  • A simple out-and-back route will keep you from getting lost. If you're at a hotel, it's worth asking the receptionists for some good routes.
  • Do HIIT sessions. Repeat some exercises to time, or for a certain number of repetitions. e.g. 20 reps for 5 sets: burpees, walking lunges, star jumps, inch-worms, push-ups. Our range of ASICS training footwear has been specifically designed to deal with the demands of this kind of varied-exercise.

Learn the art of people-dodging

It's fantastic to see everybody enjoying the great outdoors but as a runner, having to dart and dive around people becomes tedious.

  • Get up early. Places that are busy in the daytime are often deserted in the early hours.
  • Change your route. Consider this an opportunity to try somewhere new.

Dealing with less sleep

Whether it's a stuffy bedroom, or too many BBQ's; the chances are you'll sleep less over the summer months. Sleep is absolutely crucial for recovery, so even if you manage to sustain your usual training plan, your running may still suffer.

  • Embrace daytime naps. A quick 30 minutes or so can work wonders on your energy levels. Steer away from lie-ins though; it's easy for them to become a habit.
  • Reduce training volume. It's better to enjoy doing 10 km three times a week than flog yourself with 5 km every day. If you increase single-run mileage, make sure that you've got enough support. ASICS has some of the best footwear for distance runs, including the Kayano 25 which is a perennial favourite with Marathon runners.

Keep these ideas to hand over the summer and you'll be set for a fantastic few months of feeling happy, healthy and fit.