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Man swimming in sea wearing Zoggs Predator goggle

The Zoggs Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggle, has been designed for all conditions inside and out. It was the swimming goggle used by Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker - the first Briton to swim the toughest 7 oceans in the world.

Top quality lens technologies

Zoggs has put two of its most advanced technologies into the lens of the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggle to make it one of the most comfortable and versatile goggles on the market. It’s also got a few bonus features, for extra comfort.

Titanium lens technology for reduced glare

Titanium is widely recognised as one of the best anti-reflection coatings, hence it is made sense for Zoggs to add it to the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggle. Although it’s mainly used to coat lenses in sunglasses, it can be used across a wide range of eyewear products as you only need a thin layer for it to be effective.

A swimmer wearing full Zoggs kit in action close up

A photochromatic lens for all light conditions

A photochromatic lens reacts to the sun’s rays and tint according to light conditions. Having a darker tint in bright conditions is crucial if you want to swim in comfort; being exposed to reflected light leaves you at risk of eye fatigue. This can mean headaches and sore eyes – things that can cost you a strong performance. The lens is also equipped with UV40 protection to block 99% - 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

It’s also useful to have auto-adjust lenses if you’re swimming early in the morning or later in the evening, when light levels dip quite quickly. As Adam found on his challenge: The Predator Flex Titanium was brilliant as I started early in the morning and finished late at night and the lenses actually adapted to the sunlight which was awesome.

Curved lens technology (CLT™)

The lens of the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor is slightly shaped so that you can enjoy 180 degrees peripheral vision and crystal clear clarity. This is particularly useful to keep you aware of your surroundings when you’re swimming in groups or if you’re outdoors.

A swimmer out of the water wearing a Zoggs swim cap and goggles


Fogbuster™ does what it says on the tin, minimising how much the lens steams up. It’s an extra feature to just ensure that it doesn’t matter when or where you’re swimming, you’ll always enjoy clear vision.

A flexible frame

The Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggle uses Zoggs’ incredibly successful 4 Flexpoint Technology™ frame. Have a read of this article which explains how 4 Flexpoint Technology ™ works with a quick-adjust split head strap to offer an absolutely incredible, leak-free fit.

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